Digital Transformation

Win Your Digital Transformation Challenge With SBL ERP

Digital Transformation

ERP (enterprise resource planning) and digital transformation – two different yet related concepts.

Are these two mutually exclusive? Though many businesses consider the two as different choices, the truth is that ERP is the stepping stone for digital transformation.

Understand the difference clearly!!!

Let’s move deeper into the concepts.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation goes beyond adapting to new technologies. It is a fundamental change that spans across the operations and culture of a company and introduces the rapidly evolving digital technology into strategies, processes, and products. However, digital transformation services are not just about integrating new technologies or upgrading the existing technologies of the business. It is a broader concept that aims to create value for the customers or various stakeholders by leveraging emerging technologies.

The concept of digital transformation services started gaining traction with the digitization of the 20th century. With big giants like Walmart, Starbucks, Disney and the like leading the path of successful digital transformation, the small players are also joining the pack.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Compared to digital transformation, ERP is limited in its scope. It aims to simplify the business process by integrating its core functions such as procurement, order management, manufacturing, human resources, and finance to a single source. It utilizes technology to streamline the workflows and automate the business processes.

Today, the ERP software development landscape has evolved to inculcate artificial intelligence and machine learning supporting predictive capabilities and intelligent decision-making.

Now the question; how an ERP development company can help your organization to achieve digital transformation?

5 ways SBL ERP brings a strategic impact on digital transformation

When an ERP platform integrates the core processes of the business, it is in reality paving way for successful digital transformation through improved speed and efficiency in the business.

SBL’s custom ERP software development ensures that the business processes are integrated and flexible to adapt to the fast-paced markets.

Let’s see how you can leverage the power of SBL ERP for successful digital transformation.

  • Improves integration – By integrating the various core operations in an organization, SBL ERP expands the reach of technology and tools and also improves the collaboration among the employees. Such an environment is highly conducive to achieving faster digital transformation.
  • Scalable and flexible – One of the biggest advantages of SBL ERP software is its scalability. It assures that your business and processes are flexible according to the growth requirements. Scale up or scale down, SBL ERP is game for all.
  • Leverage cloud ERP – With the advent of cloud ERP, employee mobility has increased bringing in a collaborative workplace that can be accessed from anywhere. It simplifies the workflows and allows real-time visibility of business transactions. Since the cloud is a SaaS service it reduces the implementation cost.
  • Streamlining of data – SBL ERP provides a centralized repository for all the data in the organization. It helps to streamline and improve the access to data and make it readily available across the organization from a single source. This can improve the predictive capability and decision-making of the organization to implement effective digital transformation.
  • Improves user experience – Automation and centralized data improves efficiency and provides a user-friendly interface for the various stakeholders. Real-time visibility, better analytics, and tracking improve product quality. SBL ERP is also responsive and mobile-friendly. It can be accessed from Android tablets, iOS-based tablets, Windows tablets or even mobile phones.

The above discussion clearly shows that ERP can play an imperative role in digital transformation. SBL provides custom ERP software development, and with its robust modules such as Accounting & Reporting, Marketing & Social Media, HR & Project Management, Warehouse & Inventory, and Accounting & Reporting, assures a seamless digital transformation to enhance customer value.

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