Whats New and Ticking in Market Research in 2019

What’s New and Ticking in Market Research in 2019

Whats New and Ticking in Market Research in 2019

Getting in perfect alignment with your customers is not an easy task. However, it transforms into a doable possibility if you have the latest marketing research capabilities in your bag. In 2019, there’s a fast and growing adoption of automated, technology-enabled marketing research tools. These modes include online communities, mobile surveys, automation, facial analysis, biometric response, and a spate of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.

It’s a fact that contemporary market research capabilities are prone to quick movements and fast evolution. Given this, marketing research efforts are being driven by technology to bring about meaningful improvements in organizational results. Here’s a quick look at what’s new and ticking in the world of market research in 2019.

Voice of the Customer (VOC)
Understanding VOC allows brands to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and target audience. It enables companies to gain competitive intelligence, meet their needs, and assess the shifts in buying behaviour and intent. In the contemporary marketing scenario, automation, Machine Learning (ML) and AI are helping firms access more actionable and result-oriented VOC data. Such data is capable of providing in depth analysis of consumer satisfaction and behaviour through face analysis, voice searches, and chatbot technology.

Findable and Original Content
Authentic, honest, and transparent content – an integral part of successful marketing research – is key to better customer engagements. With new ways of finding relevant information coming to the fore, the demand for such content has become imperative for digital marketers, research teams, and sales departments alike. These new and intelligent search technologies are being built into diverse platforms to change the entire search marketing landscape. In addition, visual and voice search SEO capabilities are driving home interesting market results to improve upon the interactions between brands and consumers.

Immersive Storytelling
AR & VR have become quite affordable for consumers and brands, thereby making their adoption soar. For instance, VR comprises of varied applications including immersive storytelling. This VR application allows consumers to hear and participate in any scenario or story. Virtual product tours can optimize market research efforts via 360 or 3D product videos. The recordings of user interactions with the products and services of a brand are fuelling better market research opportunities and consumer engagements – thereby providing more meaningful results in 2019. The same holds true for fast streaming analysis of video and images, usage of geo-location, and dominance of smart phone cameras in the field of market research. They provide unprecedented views of the daily lives of consumers to create intuitive reporting dashboards.

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