Want to make rotoscoping easier in video post production? Try these out

Rotoscoping can definitely take a lot of time in video post production, if you are primarily dealing with a footage that has diverse motions and control points. This can make the entire job daunting and intimidating to start with. However, there are always tips that you can follow to make the tasks a little less-intimidating.

Apart from the regular tips such as avoid any distractions, do not burden yourself with too much workload and avoiding procrastinating, we present the following rotoscoping-centric tips;

Do not trace the frame sequence: Most of the times, when you have a video clip to edit, there is a tendency to follow the frame sequencing; to begin the process from the very first frame. This is often strategically not economical—effort-wise and time-wise. So, the best thing to do is to begin the process identifying where you are going to start it. You need to look through the clip and take a frame that has maximum information and start from there. It will definitely make your job a lot easier.

Work on simpler, conceivable parts: One of the easier ways to go about rotoscoping a clip is to break it to smaller parts that are easier to work on. Creating simpler and smaller parts can undoubtedly help you manage your control points much easier than otherwise. It is always undemanding to work on multiple smaller masks than on a single unwieldy larger mask.

Save Constantly: This is a no-brainer, duh. Since rotoscoping is highly repetitive, tedious and time-consuming, it is really important that you save all the changes you make as quickly as possible. As crashes can happen at times, this is the only thing that will save you from redoing all you have painstakingly done.

There is no doubt that these tips and techniques will help you carry out most of the rotoscoping activities easier than otherwise.

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