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How Virtual Reality Can Transform the World for the Better

26.10.17 01 01
Though the basic concepts of Virtual Reality have been confined to training astronauts for their spacewalks by NASA and offer soldiers with battlefield or flight simulations in the past, the tides are swiftly changing. Advancing technologies and technology-penetration have been tempting several businesses to integrate VR and AR even into their regular services and products to elevate the client-experience. The spawning of comprehensive VR capable service providers like us, SBL, has quickened the transition.

However, in the grand scheme of things happening in the VR industry, it is quite interesting to seek how, and why, VR and AR can transform the world in ways and means that the already existing technologies cannot.
Let us go through a few instances where AR/VR technology has been utilized and what is can bring to your table.

  • Education: Recently in California, a medical learning center for medical students has been offered. It offers the students to use to the Oculus DK2 to journey through a human body and learn by seeing rather than just reading about it in a book.
  • Healthcare: Google Cardboard has been used to create a surgery plan a doctor for a baby born with one lung and half a heart.
  • Automobile: Before physical prototypes of cars are made, Ford Motors uses VR to design the cars.
  • Real Estate: VR can be used in real estate to create VR experiences where customers can stand inside a property without having to actually step into it.
  • Gaming: More gaming companies have begun to integrate AR/VR capabilities to create game offering exceptional user-experience.
  • Sports: To train their teams in baseball, teams such as the Tampa Bay Rays and Dallas Cowboys have already utilized VR/AR systems.
  • Manufacturing: Virtalis, a UK-based service provider, allows several manufacturing businesses to give the staff a real feel experience of their newer constructions.
  • Media and Entertainment: Several theme parks by Disney and Universal make use of VR and its capabilities.
  • Tourism: Tourists can virtually visit a place and decide if they want to visit a place or not.

The major challenge faced by the technology is to make it affordable and mainstream. There are several services providers like us, SBL, with extensive virtual reality, visual effects and animation capabilities who strive to bring great support to the clients as per their requirements. Whether you need it for your product, service or business promotions, SBL can tend exceptionally well to all your requirements.

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