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Using Drones in Surveying and Mapping – an Insight Into the Benefits

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Drones are emerging as a cost-effective mapping and surveying to collect accurate data of the geographical terrain faster from even the dangerous or hard to reach areas and is fast replacing the traditional techniques like airplane mapping and satellite mapping. This is a discussion on the usefulness of drones for accurate surveys and mapping.

Conducting surveys have been simplified with drones and the technology is finding increasing applications in land surveys, 3D mapping, photogrammetry, urban planning, mining and quarries, and archaeology.

Drones can capture aerial data using the downward-facing sensors that facilitate capturing the geography from various angles. The images are then tagged with coordinates and photogrammetry combines the images to 2D and 3D maps. Compared to the traditional techniques drones can fly low to capture images of high resolution and accuracy. Drones can operate in any weather conditions and the quality of the atmosphere does not impact the images. Drone mapping proves to be an invaluable tool while capturing the information of the areas that change frequently, like agricultural sites or mining sites.

Drones find high utility in surveying especially in the construction industry as they prove to be safe, accurate, and cost-effective. However, other industries like mining and energy also find an extensive application of drones in surveying.

How drone mapping services can help to execute accurate surveys

Though the primary reasons for using drones in surveying are accuracy and safety, there are countless other benefits that you can leverage by utilizing drones in your survey project.

  • Reduces the cost and time for a survey – Surveys that use manpower takes a long time, especially in case of larger sites. Drones can perform the same operation five times faster, saving manpower, time, and cost.
  • Increased data accuracy – Drones can produce thousands of measurements in several formats such as point cloud, ortho mosaic, DTM, and contour lines. This increases the accuracy and enables to produce exhaustive data.
  • Access hard to reach areas – A drone can fly and reach every nook and corner of terrain. You can easily access steep or unsafe places using drones that would have been impossible with manned surveys.
  • Reduces safety risk in the construction industry – The construction sites are high-risk prone areas that need constant monitoring. Drones can survey these job sites frequently to spot the regions of potential hazards. You can alert the construction manager to take the requisite steps. It can identify shallow excavations, unsafe placement of equipment, and unstable structures and eliminate such risk factors to ensure worker safety.
  • Useful in volumetric measurements – Drone surveys are highly effective in volume measurement and to produce the digital surface model. This finds application in cases of material extraction pits or stockpiles where conducting the ground-based survey with employees is time-consuming and dangerous.
  • Corridor surveying – You can capture infrastructure facilities accurately with drones. Even though there could be inaccuracies because of camera tilt or topographic relief, you can correct such issues easily.
  • Automated mapping – This is one of the best advantages of a drone survey. Drones can use control points and fly autonomously on a calculated path at a pre-defined altitude, taking a high-resolution color picture or infrared picture.

Drones are proving to be superior to other survey methods because of their ability to capture data safely from above. With drones, we can now create maps that are highly accurate and detailed and requiring lesser cost and manpower.

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