Top Reasons Why You Should Start Knowing Your Family History Today

Top Reasons Why You Should Start Knowing Your Family History Today

Knowing your family history provides a peek into your cultural heritage, the origins of your family name, and much more.

Top Reasons Why You Should Start Knowing Your Family History Today

Do you know your family history?

There’s an old saying that goes, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,”

The same can be said for those who don’t know their family history. Learning about the past is always important. Knowing your family history can give you a sense of belonging, tell you a lot about yourself, and reveal more about your health or even your mood.

It is also a great technique to keep your roots alive and celebrate the past.

This post tells you why knowing your family history is important.

Why is it important to learn your family history?

Learning about your family roots has many benefits right from connecting you to your roots to educating you about possible genetic health issues you might develop. Here are some interesting reasons that would encourage you to learn your family history.

  • Keeps you connected – When you learn about your ancestors it helps you understand where you came from and who you are. It gives you an identity and keeps you emotionally connected to your culture and traditions. During the process of mapping your family history you might even discover new family members who are scattered in different parts of the world.
  • Define your personal identity – Learning about the ancestors can give you a deeper understanding of your past. It gives meaning to life and helps you appreciate facts such as who your ancestors were, what difficulties they faced, what they achieved, and what their dreams were.
  • Builds resilience – Uncovering the family history provides you insights about the challenges and hardships your ancestors had faced. You will begin to appreciate the manner in which they overcame the hard times and learn the value of perseverance. It will help to build resilience in you and motivate you to face challenges with strength.
  • Stimulates the mind – Researching about the family history improves the self esteem and can bring psychological benefits for the elderly. It allows them to recall the past and learn new things about their ancestors. It can prevent boredom and improve their mood.
  • Understand your health better – Many health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid etc are inherited from our ancestors. By learning about the family history we can uncover health related information of our ancestors and analyze the potential risk factors we face. This can equip us to be prepared and deal with the health issues in a better way.
  • Increases socialization – While researching the family history you get a chance to meet people who share similar interests. It is a wonderful opportunity to interact with likeminded people and also meet family members whom you were not aware of in the past.


So, are you aware of your roots?

To really understand where you came from, you need to know your roots. Learning about the ancestors who have influenced your family’s life can be both enlightening and beneficial for you. Many people believe that it takes a lot of time and investment to uncover the family history and hence avoid the exercise. However, today the process has become simple due to the availability of several online sources for conducting family history research.

If you are curious to learn more about your roots, are looking for a valuable family history resource, or have just decided that you want to start recording your family history, then you are certainly in the right place. SBL’s Genealogy division can support you in discovering your roots and connecting to your past at reasonable prices. Contact us today, to know more.

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