Python technology

Top Reasons Why Python Is Popular in 2021

With hundreds of programming languages available to choose from, selecting the right one might be a tough task. Python is a cross-platform language with an easy-to-use interface offering many advantages over other programming languages.

Python technology

Python is a popular programming language and attracts a wide user base. It is a high level programming language that is capable of running on multiple platforms such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux/UNIX. This general purpose and versatile language can be used for developing small applications, websites, and rapid prototypes. It is also scalable to develop large programs and handles the common programming tasks while you take care of the core functionalities.

The language uses simple syntax providing a readable code base and easy-to-use graphical user interface toolkit. We can find many programmers around the world preferring to use Python because of its unique and efficient functionalities.

Why should you choose Python as your programming language?

Python may not be perfect for every application; but its powerful features make it an ideal choice for situations where a multi-platform, scalable, and simple language is required. Here are the top reasons why you should consider using Python for your programming purposes.

  • Readable code – The quality of the source code is important to make an application easy to maintain and to enhance it with upgrades. Python follows simple syntax rules and hence is easy to express concepts without adding more codes. You can use English keywords in Python rather than punctuations and enjoy the advantages of an easy to read code.
  • Higher level of abstraction – Python comes with an extensive code library and operates at a higher level of abstraction. The way Python is built also supports higher abstraction.
  • Supports many programming paradigms – Python fully supports structured and object oriented programming. It comes with automatic memory management and a dynamic type system. These powerful features of Python make it perfect for developing complex applications.
  • Expressive – Using an expressive language brings many advantages such as speed and flexibility. Python is expressive and hence allows you to write fewer codes and complete projects fast. Fewer codes also make it easy to maintain the program and to debug it in case of errors.
  • Large standard library – Python has a robust standard library and offers several modules to choose from. The modules allow you to add functionalities without additional code.
  • Access multiple open source frameworks – One of the biggest advantages of Python is its ability to reduce the software development cost and time drastically. The open source Python frameworks and development tools provide a wide range of choices to meet the specific development needs.
  • Test driven development – Python is helpful to create prototypes rapidly and build the application by refactoring the code. You can use the test driven development approach and execute coding and testing simultaneously. The tests can be written before writing the code and further you can use these tests to continuously assess the application code.
  • Flexible – Python is not based on templates or any specified APIS. This makes it flexible and also well-suited for development of any type of application. It is being widely used in several industries for multiple purposes like developing websites, systems administration, and desktop apps.


Python has its drawbacks as well. Compared to other programming languages like Java, Python is slower and needs changes to application code to gain speed. However it is always a preferred choice because of its ease of use, flexibility, and readability.

So, what programming language should you select for your application development? There is no definite answer for this and the choice depends entirely on the project and business needs. SBL is an IT service provider with long standing expertise in application development using the major programming languages. Let’s have a discussion and find the best solution for your application development needs.

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