Top Business Applications of Geomarketing

This article examines the convergence of GIS and marketing to meet the growing marketing challenges of global business.


Insightful and relevant marketing decisions leverage location intelligence to drive higher conversions. Today, marketing requires exact geographic information to decide on the locations to focus on its marketing activities. The growth of technology is making geomarketing affordable for organizations of any size.

Here is an insight into how GIS and geomarketing can help businesses expand their reach and provide better customer service.

What Is Geomarketing?


Geomarketing refers to the form of marketing where location intelligence is used to ensure that marketing communications reach the right consumer at the correct time. To put it simply, geomarketing is the combination of the two terms geography and marketing. It uses digital mapping and displays data so that the marketing professionals can analyze the data based on the physical location. The complete data about a customer is collected from online transactions and applied to the digital maps.

Two common forms of geomarketing are geotargeting and geofencing. Geotargeting delivers the content to users through devices such as mobile phones based on their location. It considers both their current location and the locations they have previously visited. Geofencing is another concept that targets users in an established geographic area.

Marketers can pinpoint the location of their customers using digital maps and serve their needs accordingly. It also helps choose the location for a new office or branch and also supports in deciding the locations for advertising or displaying the website etc.

Geomarketing is based on external and internal data with spatial reference. The location data is depicted and analyzed on the maps with the help of GIS. It is primarily applied in sales, marketing, expansion, and reporting. The data is provided by customers when they search the web. Businesses can utilize this data to leverage local search engine marketing.

What are the advantages of geomarketing?

  • Target the right location – Geomarketing provides information about the behavior patterns of users and helps a company to identify where the customers are placed currently. This makes it possible to locate the areas where there is a higher concentration of potential customers and focus their marketing efforts in a particular location.
  • Increase customer loyalty – Another advantage of geomarketing is its ability to increase two-way communication between the company and its customers. Since the marketing team is equipped with firsthand information about the customer, they can handle them better and also create lasting relationships.
  • Identify the competition – Understanding the competitors is important for a business to stay relevant and provide the best services to the customers. Geomarketing helps to analyze the location of the competitors and understand which services can be offered better than the competitors.
  • Optimize the business network – When a company has branches in different locations, geomarketing helps to analyze each location based on the real-time information about the business performance in the area. This can help to decide if you need to expand the store at a location or close down an existing store.
  • Optimize the transport routes – Organizations combine geomarketing with logistics to analyze the effectiveness of the transport routes. It helps to identify the best possible transport route to reach the customer or a facility and increase the efficiency of the home delivery network.


In today’s business world, spatial data is crucial to gain a competitive advantage. Geomarketing successfully integrates location intelligence in marketing and other business decisions. The technique is gaining acceptance for its potential to visualize data, design marketing campaigns, increase customer loyalty, expand the business network, and optimize transport routes.

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