The Impact of Digitization on the Publishing Industry Trends in 20191

The Impact of Digitization on the Publishing Industry Trends in 2019

The Impact of Digitization on the Publishing Industry Trends in 20191

The digital era has brought about a paradigm shift in how businesses are managing their publishing needs. Wide ranging innovations in the publishing industry – especially with regards to digital rights ownership and management of sales or internal workflow processes – have established how digitization can enable business growth.

Take a look at how the digital publishing industry has become more tech-driven than ever before. Read on to know about the latest digital publishing trends and how they’re creating an impact through SEO-focused strategies.

Top Digital Publishing Trends in 2019
With technology expanding at an awe-inspiring rate, only the best publishing solutions are being adapted by businesses worldwide. Be it in terms of mobile app development, WordPress, custom analytics, marketing automation, or automation of sales processes, publishers are coming up with different trends and opportunities to place their clients in front of their competitors. The most popular digital publishing trends are dependent on technology. You may want to consider adapting the following trends to attain more publishing success in 2019.

Search Engine Orientation (SEO)
SEO has emerged as the highest priority for marketers and publishers in 2019. Digital publishing efforts are focused on optimizing content with a view of enabling higher search engine rankings. Keyword-relevant content has now become a norm rather than a necessity for increasing the brand visibility of companies worldwide. Be it textual, audio, video, or pictorial content, publishers are using H1 and H2 title tags, image descriptions, meta descriptions, URLs, backlinks, SEO-rich content, and all other optimization tools to create the right impact. More stress is being laid on crawl speed, updated Google algorithms, interlinking of pages, and page loading speed to get quick and effective results.

Mobile Based Digital Publishing
These days, it’s common to find publishing agencies working on ‘mobile-first’ vertical content that can be viewed on small screens. With purchase decisions becoming largely dependent on smartphones, tabbed-browsing and limited scroll options are acquiring new solutions. A big plus for mobile digital publishing pertains to marketing strategies getting customized to capture new users and retain the loyal ones through seamless app experiences. For example, the localization of smartphone applications has improved consumer experiences, sales, and SME to consumer interactions to enhance the brand value of organizations in various industry verticals.

Voice Searches
By the turn of 2020, more than 50 percent of search engine results are expected to be fueled by voice searches. Over 700 million Internet users are already resorting to voice-activated assistants to enable better search results. In this scenario, publishers have understood the urgent need of optimizing their digital content to sync with popular voice-search capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence in Publishing
Artificial intelligence (AI) has already made deep inroads into the digital publishing industry. It’s influencing the ways in which digital publishers are creating, organizing, managing, and marketing their content. Be it in context to smart tagging technologies or automated reporting, innovative AI tools and techniques are paving the way forward for content automation in 2019.

Voice technology and voice search, AMP, progressive web applications, Facebook instant articles, videos, schema markups, SEO rich publishing, and more – there’s no dearth of technologies and trends followed by the digital publishing services at SBL Corp. Opt for their end-to-end customized publishing solutions to add volumes to your business visibility and sales.

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