Staff Augmentation2

How Staff Augmentation Helps Improve Your Business

Staff Augmentation2
Staff augmentation is one of the many strategies employed by businesses to more efficiently utilize its workforce. The employees of an organization are grouped according to their skillsets and assigned to projects on a need-to basis. Staff augmentation is estimated to be an industry worth more than $45 billion. And with statistics showing how approximately 40% of IT employees look for a quick job change when economy grows, the necessity of staff augmentation becomes all the more relevant.

In case your company has yet to implement staff augmentation, then the below advantages will show you how doing this makes your business operations more agile.

Combat Attrition
Staff augmentation is required to combat any unexpected attrition. This is especially true in the IT industry. In fact, IT staff augmentation has been proven to be very effective at cutting back on attrition rates. This is primarily because employees are often tasked with new assignments all the time. As such, they will be able to exercise their existing skills while developing new ones. Without staff augmentation, the employees may feel their skills are being under-utilized; thereby driving them to look for jobs elsewhere.  

Good Control Over Projects
With staff augmentation services, you will be able to control your projects better when compared to outsourcing the work completely. Since the staff augmentation is in-house, you will always be in constant touch with the current status of the project, how well it’s being done, etc. In contrast, when you outsource a project, you will have to depend on external teams to track and get updated on the progress of the project. And you will find it very difficult to control the project or make quick, timely changes when necessary.

Cost Effective
Choosing IT staffing solutions over options like outsourcing is an effective way to cut down costs within an organization. For one, you don’t have to pay the augmentation-workers full time. Instead, you only have to pay wages depending on the amount of time worked on the project. And since you don’t have to provide any specialized training as they are already experts in their fields, you end up saving time and money on training and related activities. Moreover, you can also cut down expenditure by doing away with regular expenses like employee benefits, recruitment fees, and so on.

One of the biggest benefit of staff augmentation is scalability. You can easily add and remove workers from any projects at any time. This gives your business an incredible advantage over others who do not practice staff augmentation. You are always ready to take on projects, no matter how big they are. In addition, you can also diversify your business into other related sections and assign the augmented workers to fulfill requirements, thereby enabling the company to venture into multiple projects and increase profitability in the process.  

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