GIS technology

Role of GIS in Increasing the Effciency of Government Bodies

Spatial data is becoming crucial for local government bodies to ensure transparent and smooth governance and provide a better quality of living for its citizens. This discussion highlights the importance of GIS technology in the effective management of local constituencies.

GIS technology

GIS technology supports location data visualization on maps. These maps find countless applications in various industries including disaster management, agriculture, energy, smart cities, urban development, and functioning of government bodies.

The local government bodies can leverage the power of the geographic information system to manage and build safe and well-developed constituencies. GIS is an excellent tool to engage the citizens and to ensure the effective delivery of various services. When spatial data is visualized accurately on the maps, it provides policymakers accurate information for decision making and supports smooth urban planning and building of smart cities.

How GIS can facilitate better management of constituencies?

Geographic information systems help the local government to identify the boundaries of their constitution, the infrastructural facilities in it, and to plan for the future based on citizen’s requirements and feedback.

The notable GIS applications for local government are:

  • Identification of assets and infrastructure – Local bodies need an accurate depiction of the geographies to identify where the assets and facilities are located. This would help in the strategic planning of facilities for smart urban development and decide the optimal placement of power, water, drainage, and infrastructure based on the spread of the population. The local bodies can ensure the economy in space usage and the speedy delivery of the critical facilities to the residents. The private infrastructure facilities like residential units, clubs, sports complexes, etc can also be mapped and monitored for better urban development. It also facilitates GIS mapping of the road networks to ensure an optimal transportation route.

  • Mapping the population data – Using GIS, the local bodies can map the population data to identify the densely populated and sparsely populated areas. They can also mark the slums and identify appropriate measures for development.

  • Disaster management – Another widely used application of GIS in disaster management. Local bodies can map the wetlands, flood-prone areas, and other such critical locations where possibilities of natural disasters are high. This information is helpful to monitor the population clusters around these places and take precautionary measures to avoid such disasters affecting life and property.

  • Monitor the crime hotspots – Geospatial data allows the local bodies to monitor the crime hot spots in their region. They map the crime-prone areas and compare the locations of sensitive infrastructure like stores, schools, and banks. This will help to identify the areas of increasing crime rates and work with law enforcement agencies to devise strategies for controlling the situation.

Geographic information systems can prove to be an invaluable tool for the local governing bodies by supporting urban planning and maintenance with the required location intelligence. It provides real-time information on the assets, population, natural resources, agriculture, and various infrastructures to ensure the development of cities that are safe, smart, advanced, and provides a higher standard of living for the people.

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