Remote Government During COVID 19 Changing the Way of Governance

Remote Government During COVID-19: Changing the Way of Governance

The government is going more remote than ever during COVID-19. Here are a few interesting insights.

Remote Government During COVID 19 Changing the Way of Governance

Digitalization of government is not a new concept. It is the process of moving the majority of government functions to a digital platform for improved efficiency, transparency, strong democracy, and several other benefits. By digitalizing the government services, we have the opportunity to change the way we experience our democracy.

Though the private sector has been quick to embrace digitalization, most government institutions were reluctant to accept the technological transition. COVID-19 changed this scenario and forced governments around the world to shift towards remote functioning. The sudden change was not smooth for many government agencies across the world as most were unprepared for the new technology. Many government institutions found it a challenge since they lacked the infrastructure to support remote work.

However, COVID-19 will make remote governance the future as many governments are getting accustomed to the transition and would get accustomed to remote working and prefer it to continue after the pandemic. This might be a long-term transformation for the government sectors.

How can government agencies balance the new normal of remote work?

To begin, the government sector has to ensure that its employees have access to the latest technological tools that support remote working. The complete workflow in government departments has to be aligned towards a supportive structure for technological innovation.

Decision making processes in the lawmaking bodies require lengthy meetings where every member has to get an opportunity to raise his/her voice regarding the various public issues. The infrastructure has to be updated and support remote meetings through videoconferencing and conference calls. All members of the lawmaking bodies should have the access to such facilities without any interruption.

Several critical aspects such as data security and confidentiality of information have to be taken care of in a reliable manner. When members work from home they create the risk of inadvertently exposing the high-end security data to hackers and other cybersecurity threats. Government agencies need to look into a file-sharing method where version control and role based access are implemented to address the security concerns involved in sending and receiving confidential files in the remote mode.

While implementing digitalization and virtual technology in their functions, government agencies are finding it difficult to train officials on the new technology. Government officials in many countries are not tech savvy and require detailed training and support to use the new system. SBL offers an eParliament solution with a simple and intuitive UI that is easy to use even by the non-tech users. 


COVID-19 might stay for a while and the world would get used to remote work. In fact, transition back to office may not be easy for both the private and public sector. Government agencies can consider COVID-19 as a wakeup call for end-to-end digitalization and take the necessary measures to accept the new normal. They have to work closely with various reliable vendors and procure the necessary technical infrastructure on a priority basis to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted workflow during any crisis. Sustaining the virtual mode of work after COVID-19 with stringent adherence to security requires government departments to take focused efforts towards bullying a stable and reliable infrastructure.

Allow us to introduce the eParliament solution, the only product in the world that offers end-to-end digitalization of lawmaking process and function without any downtime. SBL is committed to developing green technology solutions that support digital transformation of lawmaking bodies. Our solutions have been running successfully in many lawmaking bodies across the globe enhancing their operational efficiency and bringing many measurable environmental benefits.

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