ERP solutions

Process Automation and Integration With ERP Solutions for Operational Efficiency During COVID-19

COVID-19 brings the need for maintaining business continuity amid the chaos of lockdowns and physical distance. As business left with no choice other than to go virtual, we see ERP solutions playing a big role in bringing efficiency and continuity in business operations worldwide. This discussion highlights the role ERP solutions can play during a crisis like COVID-19.

ERP solutions

The massive spread of coronavirus has disrupted the global supply chain and halted the major industries. With this, businesses are recognizing the importance of ERP solutions to cushion supply chain disruptions and maintain connectivity between the stakeholders.

An Enterprise resource planning solution integrate the various functions of the business, automates the business operations, and remove the barriers to the flow of information to improve process efficiency and achieve substantial cost reduction. During crises such as COVID-19, ERP services can provide an accurate assessment of the business impact and also enable forecasting of future challenges.

Role of ERP services during crisis such as COVID-19

Travel restrictions due to lockdown have impacted the logistics sector considerably and the movement of raw materials and finished goods. It also limits the movement of the workforce. ERP company can help organizations to automate their processes and resolve the hurdles of functioning in a virtual mode.

  • Vendor management – Enterprise resource planning solutions can help organizations manage their vendors seamlessly despite the downtimes caused by the lockdowns. The business finds it easy to co-ordinate with the vendors by automating the workflows.
  • Forecasting capabilities – ERP services bring predictive capabilities in the business with data-driven insights to track the supply chain, stocks, and revenue. Accurate insights can help businesses assess the impact of the current disruptions and forecast future possibilities. The data helps organizations model the operations at different locations with a reduced and virtual workforce. The complete visibility that enterprise resource planning provides in the business process also serves to devise actions that need to be initiated across the supply chain to mitigate the impact of the crisis.
  • Reduced demand for staff at the office – The ERP systems are hosted on the cloud or virtual servers. Hence, it can be managed from anywhere regardless of location. This facilitates virtual operations and reduces the need to have staff deployed at the company premises. Cloud servers are cost-effective and affordable for even a small business.
  • Support remote working – Coronavirus has made it impossible to conduct work at the office as employees cannot commute safely to workplace nor work in a closed office environment without risking an infection. Work from home has become mandatory in this situation. By enabling remote working system, the business is faced with the need to manage the workforce efficiently to drive performance and ensure productivity. ERP company will help the organizations manage the remote workforce by providing uninterrupted connectivity among the employees and providing the required set of tools for virtual tracking and monitoring of the progress. ERP solutions can also support the human resource department to function as usual and carry out activities such as recruitment, onboarding, training, compensation, or exit process without any interruptions.

If your organization hasn’t implemented enterprise resource planning, COVID-19 is bringing the right time to give it a serious thought. Evaluate your business needs and plan for an ERP solution that would help your organization survive such a crisis if it repeats in the future.

SBL can help you in implementing the right set of ERP solutions to manage your business without interruptions during COVID-19. We undertake a detailed study of your business requirements to devise a customized and cost-effective solution for your needs. If you are facing a tough time in maintaining business continuity during this crisis, get in touch with us. We would love to help you out.

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