How Can SBL Assist in Image Enhancement

Photo Image Editing Services: How Can SBL Assist in Image Enhancement?

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

True, the human brain is hard-wired for visuals. Quality images can boost your reputation in the digital world. Here is how SBL can help you with professional photo image editing services.

How Can SBL Assist in Image Enhancement

Visuals attract our attention more than text. The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times better than text.  Most of the time, people read only 20-28% of the text on a page and posts with attractive visuals gain more engagement and shares in social media. Photo retouching services gain importance in this context.

 Today, business needs quality images to build its online brand image. Whether it is the business website, a blog or social media post, professional and attractive images can transform its quality and gather more attention. A website with professional images creates a positive first impression on the visitor’s minds.

 Including attractive and informative visual content will grow your website traffic 12 times faster. Images are also a part of the SEO efforts. High-quality SEO optimized images are found faster in Google Images. Poor images will harm the credibility and website conversion.

 Often, business neglects the importance of images and it shows in the poor images on their websites. If you are serious about your digital presence, do not ignore the quality of the images. Work with a professional photo retouching service provider to get the best results for your images.

 SBL has rich experience in editing over 1 million images to date and offers expert services at competitive rates.

 Understand the magic photo editing can do for your images

 Is your image dull or damaged and receiving less attention? There are many ways to transform it and make it look stunning. Techniques like photo retouching services, image clipping service, bulk background removal can alter the look of your images tremendously.

 We outline here the major techniques that SBL employs to enhance image quality.

      Image Clipping and Path

The clipping path technique removes the background of the image and extracts the key image using a vector marking technique. You can also remove a particular shape from the photo to enhance its look. Clipping has to be done meticulously. Uneven surfaces or multiple curves will make the process complicated. SBL has experience in handling complex image clipping services and delivers perfect images with additional services like a natural shadow or mirror-like reflection.

      Image Retouching

Retouching is used to polish and improve the overall tone of the image. You can increase the appeal of the images using digital technology tools like clone stamps, blurring brushes, and color replacement tools. It alters or corrects the minor defects and gets the image ready for the final presentation.

      Color Correction

Color correction technique involves all steps like contrast, exposure, color variation, saturation, and sharpening that make the image better. It can correct the mistakes of the camera settings.


      Photo Resize and Cropping

Photo resizing alters the size of the image. It doesn’t involve cutting any portion of the image. It simply makes the photo fit into a given space. In contrast, cropping cuts off a part of the image and changes the aspect ratio. Cropping allows you to keep the elements you want and to remove the unwanted elements from a photo.

      Image Enhancement

Image enhancement techniques improve the image quality using various software. You can make the image darker or lighter or alter its contrast using image enhancement. It’s even possible to change the color to black and white or add special effects.

      Image Masking

Image masking techniques are usually used to remove the backgrounds, especially in photographs that have transparent portions or blurred edges. It can protect a portion of the image from ant further edits while you work on other sections.


      Background removal

By removing backgrounds, you can divert the attention of the customer to the central product. We usually make the background is transparent. SBL has expert image editors to refine your photographs and remove the distracting backgrounds. We offer bulk background removal services of the finest quality to provide your audience with a better image viewing experience.


SBL undertakes customized editing tasks and provide discounts for huge volumes of images. Our image editing services have gained the reputation of being the best in the industry. Visit to know more.

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