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Photo Editing Trends 2020: Best Practices for 2020 and Beyond

Knowledge of the latest trends in photography is essential to harness the best practices. This article presents some top photo editing trends to follow for 2020.

Photo editing

Photo editing is rapidly evolving and to give the best design for your photos you should use the latest techniques and industry best practices. The internet is flooded with images and only the most attractive would stand out in the crowd. Follow these latest trends to give the best look for your images.

8 photo editing trends to try for stunning results

The photo editing trends are influenced by the styles and visual preferences of the people. These trends are sure to rock your portfolio.

  1. Dark and Moody
    Though a recent trend this has gained popularity among the photographers. It gives a dark and muted shade with a cinematic touch. The color pallets that come with Dark and moody are forest greens, maroons, desaturated purples, silver, navy blue, dull golds, and gray. However, you might find it difficult to maintain consistency between the outdoor and indoor shoots.

  2. Vibrant and bold colors
    People are showing a strong preference for vibrant colors. Besides, this would be eye-catching on the websites and social media platforms. But it doesn’t mean you go overboard with this because the image should look natural as well.

  3. Light and Airy
    Light and airy photos are bright and look cheerful. It conveys positive vibrations and uses soft tones. Portraits look great when you use light and airy. The photos are usually shot in open space with lesser greenery.

  4. Soft effects and filters
    This is ideal for social media platforms. The pictures look more appealing when it is soft, especially for cute images such as babies or pets. It softens the light and gives a muted tone to create a subtle effect.

  5. Black and White
    This photo editing style is becoming a hot favorite. There are many styles of black and white that you can use, and many images have a hint of color as well. You can vary the effect a bit by introducing light blue or contrast.

  6. Vertical Images
    Vertical images are preferred in the online world. Earlier it was used for portrait photos, but now we see a change in the trend. People use smartphones a lot to capture photos. Since smartphones mostly produce vertical photos there is a significant shift towards this style.

  7. Photo doodles
    This trend introduces fun to your photos. You can use effects like pain strokes or glitters to add playfulness and create a lively ambiance. This will make your audience fall in love with your images.

  8. Earthy
    This photo editing style is similar to dark and moody. The images would appear muted with a cinematic touch. The red, blue, and green hues are desaturated from their vibrancy. This style also adds a subtle matte or haze to the images. But the skin tones might look creamy but end up looking pale at times.

  9. Gritty/Grunge
    Sports portrait photographers prefer this style. It makes the images look dirty and distressed and is perfect in sports settings.

Shadows are also used generously. However, this technique can make the subject appear older. Photo editing trends might become outdated fast. The trending styles of today might be least favored in the next one or two years. Keep yourself updated on the changes in the photo editing trends to ensure that you get the best effect for your photos.

SBL follows the industry best practices and the latest photo editing trends while executing the client’s projects. Our team reviews the popular styles and applies only the best in your photos. Let us know your requirements, we would be happy to give you the best images to get raving reviews.

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