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Outsourcing – a Pathway to Customer Retention

Superior customer experience throughout the customer journey is vital for a long laying relationship. Outsourcing is a quick fix for providing uninterrupted and delightful customer service and boosts the customer retention rate. If you are curious to know how outsourcing can improve your customer retention strategy, read on.

customer retention

It is common knowledge that repeat customers are more profitable than new ones. Repeat customers are likely to purchase more and also give positive testimonials that can increase the brand reputation. Companies recognize the need for a proactive customer retention model and have been incorporating strategies that could improve the brand experience for the customer. However, keeping customers happy is a herculean task. Most customers are hasty, frustrated, and need quick service and resolution. Rather than handling it in-house, companies can gain immensely by outsourcing customer support to third-party vendors and increase customer retention at a lower cost.

Customers are bombarded with a multitude of choices and are likely to switch to your competitor for the slightest reason. For increasing customer delight and retention, it is important to have empathetic and impactful communication with the customers at all touchpoints. Most BPO service providers have trained customer support staff who can handle the customers politely and provide a perfect resolution of issues.

How can outsourcing improve customer retention?

By outsourcing customer support, you are letting the experts handle the complicated task. Let’s examine more on how to improve customer retention with outsourcing.

  • Faster response time – Third-party vendors can support your customer service with 24/7 assistance and also bring a faster response time. They effectively handle customer queries from chat support, phone call, social media, email, etc, and ensure a quick resolution. The vendors use advanced technology to extract the relevant customer data and address the concerns accurately and politely.

  • Better customer experience – Most outsourcing companies have trained staff who are multilingual and have exposure to the culture of different customers. The cultural understanding helps them to strike a rapport and handle even irate customers. It is difficult for companies to train their in-house staff for adapting to the language and culture of a diverse customer segment. The vendors also ensure that their agents are equipped with the latest technology for gaining quick access to the customer data and assess the importance of each call. They can give preferential treatment to loyal customers and help you build a solid customer base.

  • Cost-saving – The capabilities and expertise of the outsourcing vendor is difficult for companies to match in-house. Providing excellent customer support requires a huge investment in terms of hiring and training skilled staff. Besides, it also requires investment in high-end technology such as IVR. Outsourcing allows companies to provide the best support to their customers without incurring these expenses. Apart from this outsourcing also brings the advantage of scalability into the customer support operations.

  • Reduces the stress in handling customers – Providing good service is a demanding task. Inexperienced in-house staff can cause damage more than good if they offend customers inadvertently. Outsourcing vendors have all the expertise required to handle any category of customers. They can resolve issues of frustrated customers and even convince dissatisfied customers to remain with the company. This makes the process of custom retention easy.


Outsourcing helps to build great customer relations at a lower cost compared to in-house customer support. Besides, it provides organizations with the scalability and flexibility to meet the demands of the rapidly changing business environment. Third-party vendors are experts in their niche and can offer high-quality customer support services whereby companies can use their resources effectively in the core business functions.

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