Dressed for the Wedding 11

Key technical image editing services digitally enhancing the fashion industry in 2019

Dressed for the Wedding 11

Leading experts in the image editing space are offering unique technologically enhanced services that are revolutionizing the fashion industry. From image retouching to noise reduction, there are core technical areas within ecommerce and mainline fashion that are being enhanced from the ground up.

From an editing standpoint, this is allowing creative designers to truly showcase their talent. It’s eliminating limits from what the fashion industry can conjure, all the while adding a crisp finish to every photo.

  1. Digital photo enhancement

  2. Digital photo enhancement falls under the fashion image editing gamut of services within the fashion industry. 2019 is witnessing the rise of digital photo enhancement, thereby increasing the demand for more sophisticated editing tools. Through core processes such as colour correction, image clipping, retouching, reflections, shadows and masking, photos are able to come to life through the print or online medium.

    These services are perfect for ecommerce brands that want to display their merchandise on a variety of platforms. Digital photo enhancement assures that your product looks appealing across social media, print and online portals. Even when sourcing images through stock images websites, digital enhancement services are needed to refine them further.

  3. Product portfolio retouching

  4. For product portfolio shoots, it’s important to have the right approach when retouching and editing. Leading photo editing services providers, such as SBL Corp, have extensive IMS solutions for brands in the product space. Technical skills such as lighting, masking, shaping and clipping come into play, and are therefore rising in demand in 2019.

    Product photo editing is especially impactful for luxury brands that want to highlight a certain feature or a design component. It’s important to use the right digital tools when it comes to retouching, so as to make the experience that much more appealing for customers online and in stores.

  5. Ghost mannequin editing

  6. Detail-oriented ghost mannequin editing is key to enhancing the overall look of the product. The front and back of the product should appear seamlessly integrated, while clipping out unwanted areas. Since the process can’t be automated, the right technical skills are required to ensure clean editing and stitching of images.

    These services are beneficial to apparel, jewellery and accessories brands that are operating within both high-fashion and budget-fashion space. It helps reduce cost significantly and allows brands to generate demand for a style before manufacturing it. The ROI of ghost mannequin editing is considerably high, especially when working at scale.

Selecting the right image editing partner

It’s critical to find the right team to enable your brand to shine digitally. Through the power of image retouching, resizing and product image management, there is a direct impact on your conversion rate and in-store footfalls. ISO certified teams that are collaborative and work well within the brand guidelines are the preferred partners in this space. Additionally, companies with multiple awards and creative teams can deliver quality retouching and scaled technical editing.

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