Interface Designing For Branding


Interface design is a crucial aspect of delivering great user experience. But many companies overlook the importance of branding the interface. One company that does pay close attention to branding of the interface is Apple. If you are a fan of Apple products you know that there are certain distinctive visual elements and overall design aspects that remain common in many of its products. This goes a long way into reinforcing the key aspects of the brand such as quality, style and distinctiveness.

The branded interface tells your narrative in a subtle manner while creating amazing user experiences. What this does is to promote the brand awareness among customers and ties in well with the marketing strategy. The primary goal is not branding but to create great user experiences but you need to simultaneously weave in the brand awareness through the design. Branding takes effort -it means understanding the target market and their needs and wants. Once a thorough understanding has been gained you now have to identify what key aspects you want your brand to stand for and then create a persona. This work is best left to professionals, as going wrong here would doom your efforts even before you get started.

SBL offers interface branding and UI design solutions that deliver results. When it come to branding the key principle is to ‘do it right the first time’. When your brand and message is consistent and communicated through the interface design, carving out your niche in the market becomes an easier task.

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