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Why India Is The Most Preferred VFX Outsourcing Hub In The World

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The Indian VFX (visual effects) industry through VFX outsourcing has been growing steadily over the past decade and is currently estimated to be worth about INR 60 billion. Much of the growth has been focused on servicing external clients, mostly from Hollywood. And there are several reasons why India has been able to attract so many foreign clients.

The Advantages Of The Indian VFX Industry

India’s advantage as a VFX outsourcing destination can basically be pinpointed to two factors – cost and language. Unlike the west, India is capable of completing the projects at a much lower rate. In fact, it is estimated that the VFX department of a project can save 30% to 50% of their budget if they decide to outsource their work to India rather than get it done in the US. And while the majority of work being sent to India includes those which are labor intensive, like Roto and Paint, there has also been a growth in CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and creative works.

A second major advantage that India has over other VFX outsourcing destinations is the fact that the country is home to a large English speaking population. In fact, most people in the Indian VFX industry is capable of understanding and speaking English. This gives it a huge advantage over other VFX hubs located in Japan and China. After all, when Hollywood production teams work with outsourced teams, they will obviously prefer to communicate in English rather than the local language. And since Indian VFX artists are taught in English, they are able to better cooperate and work with the Hollywood teams.

What Awaits The Industry

Thanks to the success of movies like the Baahubali series, the Indian entertainment industry is now looking to create films that contain a lot of VFX sequences. This can be gauged by the fact that post-Baahubali, many such VFX heavy movies have been announced with huge budgets, whether it be the 400 crore budgeted 2.0, the 1000 crore budgeted Mahabharata, the 350 crore budgeted Sangamithra series, and so on.

In addition, many more large scale, epic movies are being planned by film studios across the country. And the Indian VFX industry, which until now had mostly subsisted by doing back-end work for Hollywood, will start tackling full scale CGI work for the Indian movies.

Within a decade, it is possible that we will see the Indian VFX industry become one of the top creative hubs in the world for visual effects, even matching that of Hollywood. And if you are seeking a VFX partner in India to handle your visual effect requirements, consider getting in touch with one of the best, SBL CORP, for complete end-to-end solutions.

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