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Importance of Infographics in Digital Marketing

Infographics are powerful and popular among digital marketers for many reasons. An Insight into why it’s a great idea to include more infographics in your digital marketing strategy.

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The relevance and dominance of visual over text don’t need any elaboration. Every digital marketer is aware of the strong impact images have over the human mind and how it increases the information retention and recalling capabilities. Infographics gain relevance in this scenario and are widely used for its tendency to become viral fast.

Most of the digital marketing experts are leveraging the potential of infographics. Do not be left behind. Know the advantages and jump into the bandwagon.

What is an infographic?

Infographics are visual representations of statistics and any other information into images that are easy to understand and involve minimal usage of text. The design of an infographic is engaging and communicates the desired information clearly to the audience.

An important thing to keep in mind while designing an infographic is the need to create striking visuals or design that simultaneously conveys the information in an in-depth manner. High-quality infographics receive more click through and have been proven to increase the website traffic by 12 per cent.

6 reasons why you should use infographics for digital marketing

If you are looking for an effective SEO tool that drives clicks and conversions, include infographics as an essential tool in your arsenal.

  1. Simplifies complex information – Infographics represents complex data using simple and attractive visuals and makes it easy to understand. Readers find long chunks of text difficult to follow and overwhelming. Use infographics to break the long blocks of text and present the information in an interesting manner. Infographics can retain the interest of your audience and make them spend more time on your website.
  2. Boosts the SEO of your website – people are more likely to share infographics than blogs. In fact, infographics have a high potential for becoming viral. When you create infographics, you are giving your website the possibility of reaching a wide range of audience. It is capable of generating around 94 per cent more views compared to content. While creating infographics, you can include a link to your website and increase the traffic.
  3. Build brand awareness – Infographics have more reach than content. This makes a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness since it gets shared faster in social media. Practise consistent branding of all the infographics you create by using similar colour, font, and logo. The strategy can help to craft a strong brand identity in the digital world.
  4. Showcases your expertise – While creating an infographic you have to do intense research and make it completely informative. This helps to display your knowledge through the posts and position yourself as a subject matter expert.
  5. Increase the subscribers – Infographics are likely to generate more comments, shares, and likes than plain content. Well-created infographics can generate more followers to social media accounts and also increase the reach.
  6. Easy to track – You can easily track infographics with the help of analytics. It provides useful information about the clicks, shares, and other online activity related to the infographics. This also gives a better understanding of the behaviour of your targeted customers and provides you with the relevant information to make adjustments in your marketing strategy.


Infographic is an excellent tool to attract visitors to your website. Include interesting infographics in your blog posts to retain the interest of your audience. It can give them a refreshing break from reading long blocks of content.

So, have you tried infographics in your digital marketing strategy? Do not skip this valuable tool. Start creating attractive infographics for the fast growth of your website traffic and social media followers.

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