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Image Clipping – an Essential Editing Technique

Image clipping is a popular way of removing unwanted background from the images. The technique is also ideal to enhance the background of an image and reuse the same image for multiple purposes.

Image editing

Digital marketing requires countless images for use across multiple platforms.
While uploading products on the Amazon website you need to follow the guidelines of the Amazon store and keep a professional look with a plain background. However, if you are thinking of uploading the image on social media websites, you might require an attractive background to get maximum engagement. But, it is impossible to take photographs for each requirement, and the shortcut is to use image-editing techniques such as image clipping for creating different versions of the same image and use it successfully on diverse platforms.

A simple technique like removing the image background can transform each image and make them look entirely from the other. Read on to understand the capabilities of image clipping and learn simple techniques to erase image backgrounds.

Importance of background removal techniques

Let’s see where you should use background removal for images.

  • Comply with website requirements – Many websites such as Amazon or Flipkart have a specific set of requirements for image background. These eCommerce platforms usually require a white or neutral background for product images. If the existing photos do not have a white background, you can easily change the background with image clipping and avoid doing a photo reshoot. Image clipping makes it easy to comply with the photo requirements of the various websites.

  • Meet the branding requirements – Advertisements require countless photos where all have a consistent look and tone. It is impossible to achieve the same effect on all photo shoots. So, to create consistency and a brand tone, you can use image clipping and create the same background for all images.

  • Increase the aesthetic appeal – There could be many unwanted distractions in the background of an image that can make it non-compliant with the eCommerce website requirements. These could be shadows or even props that were used during shooting. This also reduces the attractiveness of the image. Removing the background can easily reduce the effect of such distractions in the image.

  • Reduce the image size – Many websites have limits on the acceptable image size. Backgrounds increase the byte size of the image. You can use image clipping and reduce the image size to upload it faster.

Best image background removal tools

If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use background removal tools, this list would help you.

  • Teorex PhotoScissors – This background removal tool allows us to remove background through foreground segmentation. It provides 2 brushes for marking the portion to remove and the portion to retain. The software has an intuitive interface and doesn’t have any file size limitations.

  • Photo Background Remover – Using this software you can cut any object from one picture and paste it into your image without any uneven edges. It is popularly used in eCommerce sites. The software also provides options to create watermarks for branding. There is also an option to handle multiple pictures simultaneously using the batch operation tool.

  • GIMP – This software helps you clean the background from any image through a customizable interface. You can erase the unwanted details using the digital retouching feature and also remove barrel distortions.

  • Adobe Photoshop Mix – The powerful features of Adobe Photoshop Mix allow you to cut out images and merge them without jagged edges. There are preset filters to adjust the color and contrast and enhance the appeal of the images.


There are countless image clipping tools to help you remove the backgrounds effortlessly. The tools we have listed above are user-friendly and simple for beginners to use. You can use the software to do image clipping by yourself. However, if there are complex images like hair or feathers, you might find it difficult to attain a perfect result.

Such images require the services of experts and you should hire a professional image editing company like SBL Corp to get the best results for your images. We guarantee amazing results at the shortest turnaround time. We can clip images of any complexity and ensure that it meets the quality parameters along with flawless finish.

Contact us to book the perfect image background removal service.

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