seafood erp

How ERP system helps reduce operation and production cost in seafood industry.

seafood erp
Integrating enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in seafood processing can prove to be extremely cost effective for the industry. Dedicated ERP systems can address all the interest-specific details of procurement ,processing to Export . Before the ERP software came into play in the industry, the workers manually entered all the information which could be potentials for errors. Unlike this practice, handing over the charge to customized ERP software can give scrupulous results and demand lesser human attention, hence reducing staff cost.

ERP software can efficaciously take over the tiresome manual task of tracing and keeping accounts of warehouses as product tracking is made easier with real time input from each departments. For instance, when the vendor managing department gives its input of the product status, the department of sales and management instantly receives it and can immediately set their targets. Similarly, the production management department can update status of the raw material received, freezing and packing, product scheduling, pre-processing and other details, making it easier for concerned departments to track the product and takeover. End-to-end traceability is one of the key features of ERP software and it enables consistency and easy work flow saving time.

With ERP software, production cost can be widely cut down as resource utilization is made minimal by updating real time status of the product and therefore reducing wastage. This indicates that the money invested on the resources is effectively used. ERP method also helps optimize accounting processes and gives better control over the company’s finances. By making all the accounting automated, this user friendly software replaces the chaotic paper work that demands human effort, hence reducing operational cost.

By tailoring the software according to the company’s requirement, ERP can be the single most cost effective solution for managing sales and marketing, exports, production and FDA documenting, together.

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