How Digital Publishing Services Help Organizations Improve Customer Retention

How Digital Publishing Services Help Organizations Improve Customer Retention

How Digital Publishing Services Help Organizations Improve Customer Retention
For any business to develop and succeed, and maintain the momentum, it is necessary to be able to retain existing customers. And this is the trickiest thing to do since attracting a new customer is often easier as compared to retaining an existing one. But with digital publishing, a business has an additional advantage with which they can improve their customer retention rates. Given that the share of ebooks in the global book sales have almost doubled from 12.3% in 2013 to 25.8% in 2018, it is predicted that demand for digital books will keep growing over the coming years. This offers businesses a unique opportunity to tap into the interest in ebooks to retain its customer base.

Brand Building Through Digital Publishing

The loyalty of a customer is largely dependent on how well a brand maintains its image. A brand which consistently appears in a positive light will always have an easier time retaining customers. In contrast, a brand which is often put down and scorned at will lose customers in the blink of an eye.

Digital publishing services offer an excellent way of building up the brand name of a business. When you publish ebooks or other authoritative content, and it turns out to be widely reviewed by media outlets and influencers positively, your customers will always be exposed to your brand name in a favorable way. Plus, all the customer reviews and shares they see on social media will further bolster the status of your brand. Just remember to ask the publishing service to design an attractive cover that captures the attention of people when they see it; helping sell larger numbers. OCR based digitization services can also be utilized to rapidly convert whole or part of print documents into digital files.

Position Yourself As An Authority

By consistently publishing high-quality documents that provide actionable information to people, you can position your business to be a reliable authority in a specific niche. Once you provide the content to SBL, they will format, typeset, and publish it in a way that the document can easily be accessed.

Create A Sense Of Value In Members

People like to identify with the values of a brand. When they feel like they are getting a bargain from you, retaining them as lifelong customers become easier. Ebooks can help your business achieve this goal. Publish a few high-quality ebooks and list them at popular marketplaces like Amazon for a nominal purchase price. You can then give away these ebooks for free to your customers, making them feel like they are getting a good deal since they don’t have to pay for the ebooks like others. SBL redesigns images to be both web and mobile friendly. This will improve the image of the brand, generating more leads and bring in more sales.

Repurpose Content

Businesses usually publish a large amount of content on various topics on multiple platforms, on the website, as research papers, as education pamphlets, and so on. With the help of digital publishing services, a company can repurpose all such content into informative ebooks. This can be done automatically, which makes the entire process of searching, storing, and reusing content a cakewalk. The ebooks can then be distributed to customers and can be an effective way of keeping them loyal to your business.

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