Google Tango; what is it and can it change that landscape of smartphones?

Google has always been on the forefront of technology and they have the panache to bring something that looks complex and blend it with the daily life of people—like the way it did with smartphone using Google Tango.

One of such things to have come from Google, in the recent times, is Google Tango. It is the realization of Google’s endeavors to get tablets and smartphones to see everything the way we, humans, see.

It simply means that your smartphones become more intelligent. They become fortified to have better and full spatial awareness and the capability to understand and intercept the environment and the relationship you have with it.

So, the next question you might have on your mind must be; why does Google even want to do that?
Well, why must they not?

Google, like many other technology giants, wanted to make ‘Virtual Reality’ (VR) more accessible to people. However, with many things with Google, they went a step ahead and wanted to blend the elements of virtual world with real world.

And, they went with ‘Augmented Reality’ with Tango so that they can bring AR to the most common device that most population on the planet has—smartphones. A perfect confluence of incredibly powerful hardware VFX and cool software programs makes it possible for everyone with a Google Tango enabled smartphone

It sure does sound interesting, doesn’t it? Let me assure you it only gets more interesting.

In a nutshell, Google Tango is just more than your average technology or hardware; it is capable of blending real world with virtual world for what may be called unlimited possibilities.

Google has already primed up with the motto of with Tango to make and help people ‘see more of the world they live in’ and the environments they interact with.

The applications of Tango in real life is undoubtedly astounding; in scientific education, research and expeditions, entertainment business and in measuring various spaces and locations.

While these are the potential of Tango, as it is in its infancy, we have a long way to wait until we actually experience any of it. Even though there are devices with Google Tango, it still has a long journey ahead, if it wants to change the landscape of smartphone industry and AR.

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