GIS Utility mapping

GIS for Utility Mapping

GIS Utility mappingUtilities intrinsically are laid out geographically over a large areas of a city, state or country. It’s a demanding task to organize the information, develop and maintain the concomitant assets and infrastructure which are in a form of connected networks. GIS technology supports in making more intelligible databases of the network by placing the assets accurately on Maps and thus making it easier to identify and manage with ground truth visibility.
SBL provides utility mapping services in the following domains:

  • Electric Power Lines
  • Telecommunication Networking
  • Oil and Gas
  • Municipal Utilities
    • Waste Water
    • Storm water
    • Water supply lines
  • Traffic Utilities
  • Railway Utility Mapping


SBL Geospatial Services has been in the forefront of assisting national and international clients with their specific utility and asset mapping. SBL possess in-house capability to understand, map and analyze any kid of utility mapping requirements. The multi-technology approach that SBL uses in their utility mapping services, by the means of LiDAR mapping, Aerial and UAV photography, Satellite imagery and paper to CAD conversion, has helped large private and government organizations in tuning their decision support and making systems to be robust, accurate and responsive.

GIS utility mapping services offers a collective platform to access data, manage assets, update utility network information, incorporate work orders, find customer information, and prepare reports.

Accurate and precise network mapping is well-thought-out to be a vital aid in building, planning, refurbishing and maintaining all consumers and assets of a Utility. The GIS datasets gets cohesive with all proven modeling software tools, ERP and MIS applications, SCADA systems, thus encompassing the usage of GIS technology further than just mapping.

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