online transcription services

Getting Started With Online Transcription Services

Online transcription services support the data management needs of businesses. Outsourcing the transcription requirements results in substantial cost saving and operational efficiency.

online transcription services

Gone are the days of noting down the minutes of a meeting. Business meetings, conferences, training, seminars, etc, are mainly captured as audio or video recordings. This ensures that the entire session or event is recorded without missing any detail. Besides, today’s audience also prefers videos and audios than text. Then, why do we need the information in text files?

Audio or video files always require a corresponding text document to support the specific needs of the business.

A written reference for audio or video content is highly helpful in SEO and social media marketing. Search engines love highly informative, written content. You can use the transcribed material to develop a variety of written content for the website and boost your rankings and social media presence.

Apart from this, locating information is easy in a text document as it is easy to scan through a document. To get the right information from a video the user will have to replay it several times.

Transcription services help to convert the information in the media files into text documents and store them accurately in the specified format.

Why should you outsource transcription services?

Outsourcing is the popular choice for most companies since it is cost-efficient. It also eliminates the need to hire and train staff. The transcription service providers have subject matter experts on board who have wide exposure in dealing with the nuances of accent and pronunciation. It might be hard to replicate such expertise in-house.

The transcription process is also time-consuming and error-prone. Third-party vendors will assure that the project is completed within the specified time, budget, and quality. This allows the company to focus on its core activities.

More about online transcription services

Online transcription services are popular for the simplicity of the process. Here the service provider enters the entire information to the client’s server over the internet. This can assure the security of the data and also lower the error rate. Legal professionals widely use online transcription services for storing information from court hearings into secure text data. The service also has extensive demand from sectors such as health, education, and research.

Here are the important online transcription services that would simplify your data management needs.

  • Online data entry – Data accuracy is crucial in the business where even the slightest errors could lead to contractual or legal complications. Online data entry services capture the data accurately from the internet and enter it in the online database of the company. It involves several processes such as extensive research to find information, data mining, data extraction, and accurate data entry. Often complicated source documents from multiple languages are involved and require experts to handle the process.

  • Online data capture – Business requires continuous input of relevant data or information. Online data capture collects industry data from various sources using online forms or web scraping. Periodic online data capture is required to have a relevant and updated database.

  • Online data editing and indexing – Most times companies require regular database management. Transcription service providers edit or update the database to reflect the accurate information. The services includes analyzing, researching, copying, editing, pasting, sorting, and indexing of relevant data.

  • Online image data entry – Image data entry enables companies to capture the data from the images and store them in the required format. This includes converting Images of any format like PNG, JPEG, and BMP into file formats such as XML, HTML, or XHTML.

  • Online product catalog entry – The eCommerce companies need accurate product descriptions or catalogs on their websites. Data entry professionals ensure that the qualitative and quantitative descriptions are completely captured on the website.

  • Web-based indexed document retrieval – Providing timely information to the right people requires a strong document retrieval system. An efficient web-based indexing and retrieval process supports fast information access across the organization. Companies maintain an efficient centralized database. The data should be indexed and organized at regular intervals in the centralized database.

Outsourcing your online transcription requirements is the right choice to improve operational efficiency. Expert service providers can assure accurate and reliable management of your database and save time and cost.

SBL with its skilled team of professionals offers the best online transcription solutions to meet your specific business requirements. Our services are competitively priced and we guarantee secure and accurate data-based services with minimum turnaround time.

If you are looking for low-cost transcription services, contact our BPO division to discuss your transcription project. We would be happy to assist you.

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