GeoSpatial Scientific back up to Vastu Shastra

In a recent study, SBL has provided scientific back up to Vastu Shastra. Vastu shastra deals with the ancient Hindu beliefs in architecture. According to this school of thought prosperity of the house hold depends on its slope of the land and directional alignment of that location on the surface of the earth.In a similar way prosperity of the country also depends on its elevation orientation and position on the surface of the earth. In this context SBL has assisted a research study by Vastuvidya Gurukulam by analyzing elevation data of 50 countries.The digital terrain model generated through Shuttle Radar Topographical Mapping (SRTM) were analyzed for all these 50 countries and presented in the form of ready to print maps. Care has taken to see a true representation of the rich and poor counties and countries lies north and south of equator. In a similar way population density and per capita income of these 50 counties analyzed for establishing a correlation between these three entities and finally to related with other vastu vidya practices. So a geospatial data base has created for these 50 countries along with cartographic representations whereby spatial variation of elevation, population density and per capita income of all these countries were established.


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