Geospatial Data Analysis Services

Any kind of developmental projects involves collection of certain amount of spatial and non-spatial data. Collection, analysis and deriving of useful inferences from these data sets are collectively called Geospatial data analysis. That being said Geospatial data analysis involved collection of spatial data, its digitization, and attributization, analysis and report generation. Geospatial data play a vital role from the pre-feasibility stage to the completion stage of the project and much beyond completion like long term environmental impact assessment.

GIS Feature Extraction
GIS Feature Extraction

GIS data processing starts with collection of geo spatial data set. Geospatial data can be any information or data having a spatial relation with it in the form of geographic coordinates. These can be satellite data, aerial data, LiDAR data, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data or paper maps. Once the data is acquired, it requires some amount of processing to bring it to the intended usage. Geo-referencing and other preprocessing is the activity involved at this stage of geospatial data processing. Data collected through remote sensing technique such as satellite images need satellite image processing expertise and knowledge.
Once the geospatial data is acquired and undergone all the preprocessing, the GIS data is ready for further analysis and processing. The spatial data analysis is generally included digitization and interpretation of useful information from the acquired geospatial data sets. Here need based thematic and subjective information is collected. This will be later taken for further refined interpretation. In the spatial domain vector data will be in the form of point, line and polygons. These data can be attributed with any kind of information in the form of tables and spread sheets. All the raster as well as vector data can be assembled in a spatial database, then predefined analyses such as over lay analysis, suitability analysis, analysis based Boolean logic etc can be performed on the data. Also in case of spatial data, analysis is possible in 2D as well as 3D environment.
SBL offers a wide range of Geospatial data analysis services. It ranges from simple geo-referencing to digitization to complex 2D and 3D model creation. SBL’s skilled technical staff is able to do all the pre-processing of the satellite images and other geospatial data analysis. SBL possess long term experience in processes and procedures involved with geospatial data acquisition services and is associated with international organizations who acquire geospatial data.

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