e-Governance solutions for improving State Legislative processes


eVidhan’s successful implementation in Himachal Pradesh State Assembly and subsequent facilitation of 4 consecutive Assembly sessions has drawn attention of other Indian states and has propelled their efforts in implementing e governance solutions for supporting effective Legislative process.

e governance solutions like eVidhan, support the Legislative Assemblies in improving the legislative process through tracking and monitoring entire Legislative Processes,implementing an effective Time Management during the sessions, improving the efficiency of processes through centralized data-flow across the stake holders and by reducing the operational costs and by making the whole process transparent to the Citizens and making them part of the process.

eVidhan System implemented in August 2014 at Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha, has successfully facilitated all the sessions afterwards and has saved nearly Rs.15 crores of operational expenses by reducing the usage of paper & printing and file movement costs. This is in addition to the contribution to environmental protection & decrease in Carbon footprint.

Mobile application solutions along with the e governance solutions support the Hon’ble Members of Legislative Assemblies to access the day’s business 45 minutes before the start of the session. The system also facilitates them to access the information of the entire proceedings of the House in the digital form on their mobile phones and tablets immediately after the end of the day’s work.

eVidhan project is the first e governance solution for Legislative Assemblies in India and was developed as a joint venture between the Himachal Pradesh State Legislative Assembly, National Informatics Centre, National Informatics Centre Services Incorporated (NICSI), Government of Himachal Pradesh along with SBL.

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