e-Legislature an e-Governance Solution for improving Legislative processes


The e-Legislature system – a secure end-to-end governance solution developed by SBL, will fully automate the day to day functioning of the entire legislative assembly and will radically change how the legislature process works in India in the near future.

The Assembly Session proceedings will be completely paperless and introducing Bills and laying various reports and answers to questions inside the House will be handled through touch-screen based computer systems deployed for each legislative member inside the House.With e-Legislature system, the members inside the House will be able to exercise their voting over motions electronically. Similarly, the information provided for media persons too will be digitized and a media room with computers using the e-Legislature system will be available for the use of media persons. The e-Legislature system will use Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) for user authentication; henceforth only digitally signed documents converted into PDF/A standards would be allowed to be uploaded on the online system. This will ensure error free, paperless communications within the legislative house.

e-Legislature’s Secretariat interface will manage the Questions Processing System by accepting the questions from Members, issuing notices to Departments, accepting replies from departments, approving the answers and fixing the dates by the Secretariat and finally creating List of Business for a day during the Assembly session.

The e-Legislature system increases ‘People Participation’ in the Legislation process by automating the process of Assembly Bills MIS and allowing to seek People Suggestions on Bills online through a secure web interface. The system also ensures that the proceedings inside the House will be instantly available for the public at the end of day of every session by digitizing and publishing of Verbatim Record of House/Committee Proceedings.

Legislative, Automation of internal working of Legislature Committees Publishing of Budget, Gaining Control over Budget and Scrutiny Over Government Finances by Legislative Assembly, obtaining Press and Media Information System, Generation of Identity Cards/Passes, Publishing Bulletins, Working with HR/Accounts for MIS (Members/Employees), Procurement of Stock Inventory and the Dispatch of diary and Library Information System.


e-Legislature system utilizes the latest technologies of SMS and Email gateways to alert the users regarding work at hand.e-Legislature system for MLAs would include an enhanced Constituency Management System including Submitting Priority List of Works under MLALAD Fund, Monitoring various Works running in the Constituency, Redressing of Public Grievances/Demands, Management of Employee’s Requests (Transfers etc.), Party Information System, and preparing Tours / Appointments /Meetings. , Online Submission of Questions & Property Returns by MLAs, Online Annual / Supplementary Budget Books etc.

Under this system, the citizens and employees will be able to submit their grievances, demands and requests to MLAs online. Online submission of suggestions on bills and for entry passes during sessions will also be managed through this new portal. It is worth noting that significant administrative costs for running the house have been saved by implementing the e-Legislature system.

Following are the major e-Legislature modules:

·       Member and assembly management

·       Assembly house proceeding management

·       Touch screen based member console

·       Questions and notice processing management

·       Constituency management

·       Bills processing

·       Committee management

·       Grants and budget management

·       Video archival management

·       Accounts and establishment management

·       Public information system

·       Library MIS

·       Physical security management and access control

·       Inventory management

·       GIS based data management

·       Document digitization and archival

Based on the track record in implementing similar projects in government and public sectors, NICSI selected SBL as Associate Partner for the development and implementation of similar e-governance Solutions at HIMACHAL VIDHAN SABHA Himachal Pradesh Government recognized SBL’s work through the highest civilian award for e-Governance


·       Reduces usage of paper in an assembly by 80% and saves approximately 15 crores annually (Ref: Himachal assembly)

·       Improve efficiency by eliminating redundant processes and increase data processing by 30%

·       Improves decision making with online reports and files which marks 90% improvement over physical file movement

·       Improves public awareness and participation on legislative process

·       Improve control and monitoring on day to day working of assembly

·       Increase security by adhering to more robust security practicalities

·       Better information at right time enables the stakeholders to correct decisions with 0% downtime

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