E Dinette Brings

e-Dinette brings in the Smart Restaurant Revolution

E Dinette Brings
One of the most traditional recreational activities involves the restaurant experience. As far as the human species is concerned, food is more than just a means of survival. It’s a celebration. The concept of sharing a meal with family and friends has long been practiced by people regardless of the geographical, cultural differences.

There’s a reason for this. When we share food together, we experience a sensory celebration together like no other. Good food is a leveller, it can even win wars!

The Restaurant Experience

A good restaurant experience takes this several notches higher. Apart from the food, there are many factors that go into making a restaurant great. Location, decor, service, and the general vibe that a place gives you, all contribute towards that pleasant experience.

Unfortunately, the concept of a restaurant experience has remained more or less the same over the years, with few changes made to the overall system. You would think that with technology changing our world in such dramatic ways, some of it might have spilled over to the dining out scene. But still you have the over-enthusiastic waiter, few options to customize your order, the same boring menu card, and overall an experience that leaves a lot to be desired.

SBL Corp aims to change all of that and take up the restaurant experience to the next level, where it should be attracting an evolving customer base. SBL brings in technology to the table with E-Dinette, a highly efficient and comprehensive Digital Restaurant Management System for restaurants, pubs, cafes, and diners. The concept is catching on pretty quick with a wave of restaurants and pubs adapting this experience-oriented system for their order management system.

What Does E-Dinette Bring to the Table?

  • Digital menu for order placement
  • Compatible with a wide range of platforms
  • Convenient cancellation of orders
  • A wide range of entertainment options including movies, games, and music
  • Steward on Demand
  • Notifications for order and delivery
  • Real time feedback
  • Real time order customization
  • Different menu display options
  • High definition screens that display pictures of food you ordered

Benefits for Restaurant / Pub Owners

  • ROI options through on-screen advertising
  • No time wasted with waiting for stewards
  • Convenience in keeping track of multiple orders
  • Goodbye to quickly deteriorating menu cards
  • Screens can be customized to blend in with the theme of the restaurant
  • Streamlining of order placement, tracking, and cancellations in real time.
  • Amazingly convenient to change or customize your menu at any point in time
  • Tracking of multiple orders made amazingly convenient

Enhancing the Customer Experience

At the end of the day, the restaurant business is all about return business. You have to have an experience to share with friends. This is how E-Dinette takes the experience up a few notches.

  • Placement of order made quick and convenient
  • Place, track, or cancel orders with a tap
  • A whole new visual experience with restaurant tablets
  • Customized food and beverage suggestions
  • Special discounts and offers for privileged customers
  • A wide range of entertainment options

E-Dinette is the restaurant order processing system of the future making use of latest technologies and giving customers access to essential dining tech. Apart from that, the system makes it a great opportunity for restaurant and pub owners to generate more income and cut down on unnecessary down time.

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