Distorted Voice to Accurate Text

Voice recognition technology is fast becoming a regular feature in smart gadgets, but its success largely depends on how accurately it can capture the various voices and accents. SBL is making forays in the voice to text transcription space and is capable of translating any type of voice with precision.

Key offerings that come under the voice to text umbrella are audio/video, business, legal and medical transcription. Audio/Video Transcription involves error free transcription of meetings, conferences, interviews, seminars, lectures, podcasts, YouTube videos, DVDs, films and TV serials.

From a corporate perspective, organizations constantly seek confidential and quality transcription of analyst calls, investor conferences, brainstorming sessions and product launches etc, therefore business transcription is much in demand. Likewise, legal firms and advocate offices are also beginning to take the help of transcription for briefs, court proceedings, police interrogations and several important such important artefacts. Yet another field that is transcribing many of its records and reports is the medical department. From physicians, hospitals, healthcare organizations and wellness centers the need for transcription is only growing.

Customers who have engaged with SBL for the audio to text transcription are able streamline their operations, track key initiatives, have searchable and retrievable records and most importantly save time and resources earlier spent on mundane tasks. SBL has built cutting edge capabilities in distorted voice to accurate text and possesses expertise in audio to text transcription, video to text transcription, and podcast to text transcription.

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