Remote Parliament Management

Digital Parliaments for Remote Parliament Management of Law-Making Bodies

Digital parliaments are emerging as the need of the hour. We have experienced a huge disruption of the day-to-day functions of parliaments and law-making bodies. To ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the parliaments during any emergencies, we should implement virtual parliaments that use high-end technology to function remotely.

Digital Parliaments

An unexpected crisis like COVID-19 should not interfere with the smooth functioning of parliaments and law-making bodies. This pandemic is bringing the weakness of the existing system to light and forcing us to re-think the traditional paper-based models. Digitalization is an effective solution for law-making bodies to function remotely.

Though various technologies are being used in parliaments, it not an end-to-end solution to offer the complete functionality required for remote work. The available solutions are mostly collaboration that supports video conferencing, messaging, and other means of remote connectivity. This is not sufficient during situations like COVID-19, as we need to shift the entire proceeding of the parliament to virtual mode. A comprehensive solution that can provide complete functionality required for a digital parliament along with the high levels of data security is the need of the hour.

SBL’s remote working solution for digital parliaments

SBL has established itself as a prominent service provider for end-to-end-digitalization of parliaments with its eVidhaan solution. The Govt. of India recognized our eVidhaan as a mission mode project under Digital India Initiative. In addition to the existing 28 modules of the product, further, we have introduced innovative features including videoconferencing to support the remote working of parliaments and transform them into virtual parliaments.

We utilize innovative technologies to provide the right set of applications for the smooth function of the law-making bodies, maintain a close-knit environment, and function uninterrupted regardless of the physical presence of the members.

Benefits of SBL’s remote working solution for parliaments

Our agile digital platform for parliaments and law-making bodies comes with the following benefits to facilitate remote sessions of the parliaments smoothly.

  • Enhanced collaboration – The solution streamline the interactions between the Members, department officials, media, and the public. Members can carry out activities like participating in the parliamentary proceedings, vote on various issues, raise questions, and monitor the status of grievances and public works. The general public can connect with the law-making process and raise grievances or check the status of various public works.

  • Increases the efficiency of the legislative process – Digitalization eliminates paper usage and other redundant processes. This increases the efficiency and transparency of the legislative process. Stakeholders gain real-time access to information. The eParliament solution provides various features such as online questions & notice processing, pass verification systems based on QR code / RFID, mobile application suite, and digital multimedia archiving and management.

  • Cost-saving and eco-friendly– The eParliament eliminates the usage of paper and related consumables resulting in huge cost saving. It also automates the workflow and minimizes inefficiencies in the process. Labor-intensive processes are replaced with automation to introduce flexibility and economies of scale. The reduction of paper consumption saves tress, brings down the carbon footprint, conserves water, and improves the oxygen levels.

  • Real-time communication- The Members can connect to parliament proceedings from anywhere. The Mobile Application stack facilitates on the Go access to the legislative house. eParliament enables online communication between the executing department and the committees. The updated media information system supports easy reporting by providing audio and video footage and online facility for multilingual reporting. The public information system disseminates real-time information to authenticated users through the website and sends SMS and email alerts on various activities.

  • Virtual In-house – The powerful virtual in house feature with state of art video conferencing facility allows the stakeholders to participate in the legislative sessions without physical presence. Discussions happen uninterrupted regardless of the location of the Members. This also reduces unnecessary commutation and saves time.


The remote working solutions for parliaments are designed to support the seamless connectivity of the parliaments. The honorable members can participate, discuss, and vote on various issues without physical presence. The solution is customizable and scalable according to the requirements. We also offer round-the-clock customer support so that the parliaments function with no interruptions.

Get in touch with the eParlaiment wing of SBL to know more about our remote working solution. We would also be delighted to give you a walkthrough of our flagship eParliament© which can bring various measurable benefits to the Parliament.

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