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Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Christmas Sales

Looking for sure-shot strategies to increase your Christmas sales? Read on for some quick and effective Christmas marketing ideas you can implement this holiday season to rake in sales.

Digital marketing

Holiday seasons are just around the corner and people are searching online for Christmas items and gifts. This is the time for merrymaking, gifting, shopping, and also to plan some great Christmas marketing ideas.

Every business wants to make the most of the season by increasing their sales. But this is not something that you can achieve overnight. You have to plan in advance with proven seasonal marketing ideas to drive the maximum conversions for your business.

Tips to maximize your online Christmas sales

Here are some best holiday marketing ideas you can use to grow your business this Christmas season.

  • Add the Christmas touch to your content – Revamp your content and website with Christmas images, banners, and icons. Send regular Christmas messages to your customers through social media and use photos that show Christmas decorations. Also, modify your content and add keywords related to Christmas on your website. This can help you get organic traffic and get featured on Christmas related searches. Do not forget to update the product descriptions, key sales page, and landing page with Christmas related keywords. You can also update your blogs with ideas that connect to Christmas. A newsletter that showcases Christmas deals and offers are also a good idea to increase awareness about your products.
  • Retarget existing customers – Since the existing customers are more loyal to your brand, you can consider targeting them more. They would be interested in listening to your offers than new customers. Begin by segmenting the existing customers and devising ads for targeting each segment. Use personalized ads that would appeal to each segment. You must also try upselling or cross-selling to boost the conversions.
  • Leverage email marketing – You can use email marketing to promote your product, keep customers informed about the discounts and offers, and also increase website traffic. Segment the audience and create personalized emails that have a Christmas touch. Avoid being too promotional and ensure that the emails provide value to the customers. Plan the email marketing calendar well in advance. You can start sending emails in early November. Use themes such as early season offers, rewards for loyal customers, Christmas deals, referral programs, and countdown deals.
  • Reward customers for shopping – Offer rewards for shopping during the Christmas season. This can include cash back, special deals, and other promotional coupons. Gift cards can help you extend offers to old customers. Encourage the customers to shop more and also refer your online store to family and friends.
  • Use countdown for your offers – Create urgency in your customers by including countdown on the offers. This helps you to increase your conversions as those customers who are postponing the sales would buy immediately to avail of the offer. Add the countdown for offers and also for products that are running out of stock. You can give rewards to buy the product before the deadline. Another technique is to notify your loyal customers through email about the sale ending or product running out of stock.


In today’s world of online retail shopping, you need a powerful digital marketing strategy to increase the reach of your brand during this festive season. Holidays make people indulge in impulsive shopping. Make the most of this opportunity by trying the above tips.

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