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Business Sectors That Must Outsource Customer Service

Outsourcing customer service has definite cost advantages for all businesses. However, certain sectors should not miss including outsourcing in their strategy because of the immense benefits it offers. Here is a list of a few industries that must definitely outsource their customer service.

Business Process Management
Business Process Management

Outsourcing is a technique where businesses execute their internal processes through third-party service providers or external vendors. These processes can include functions like transaction processing, payroll, customer service, order processing, image editing, and many more.

Customer service is the backbone of a company’s success. By outsourcing customer service an organization can ensure an omnichannel experience to the customers and increase their customer engagement.

Delivering the best customer service is becoming a highly demanding task as the organizations have to provide customers with a connected, consistent, and personalized experience across multiple channels. It is nearly impossible to achieve this by hiring and training an in-house team. Outsourcing strategy is the ideal solution because of its ability to meet the rising customer expectations at lower costs.

Though all business sectors stand to gain from outsourcing customer service, certain sectors should strictly outsource it.

Let’s see which are these sectors and understand the reason for it.

6 sectors that should not miss outsourcing customer service

  • Online travel service companies – Excellent customer service is pivotal for the success of online travel service companies. These companies have a huge volume of customer calls to handle and offer services such as flight booking, cabs and hotel room booking, etc over telephonic calls. By outsourcing this intricate process, online travel service companies can offer hassle-free travel and stay to their customers. They can leverage the expertise of the multilingual staff hired by the external vendors.
  • E-tailers – Outsourcing the customer service division brings a huge opportunity for e-tailers to increase customer engagement and loyalty. They can use AI-based customer service and leverage technologies such as chatbots for automating chat support. This helps them focus on their core business functions such as product innovation, marketing, and logistics.
  • Banking & financial institutions – The customer support function in banks and other financial institutions have to be carried out meticulously because of the high stakes involved in handling financial data. These institutions can outsource the customer service to diligent and reputed third-party service providers and reduce the burden. The outsourcing industry also makes it easy to enhance the customer’s experience through chatbots and artificial intelligence.
  • Ecommerce – Online marketplace is highly competitive and eCommerce companies have to create continuous customer engagement to boost their revenues. External service providers help them deliver omnichannel experience to their customers and maintain consistency across all touchpoints.
  • Media and entertainment – Digital technology is bringing media and entertainment services to the living room of the common man and this steps up the competition among the players. People now expect streaming videos on their mobile phones and also demand better customer service. Outsourcing helps the sector to improve customer satisfaction by allowing them to provide multi-channel support through live chats, emails, and phone calls. This increases customer satisfaction and the bottom line.
  • Software sector – The IT sector is growing rapidly and so are the demands on customer support. However, maintaining an in-house team is not feasible for the sector in terms of the cost outlay. Outsourcing customer support allows IT companies to focus on their core competencies while ensuring customer satisfaction.


Outsourcing customer service is crucial to enhance the customer experience and increase the brand image. However, before outsourcing, you must ensure your outsourcing partner is reliable and reputed. Verify the track record thoroughly before choosing the service provider. SBL is a well-established customer service support company with a proven track record of happy clientele. Contact us to know more about our customer service process and its benefits.

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