Amazon Website Images

Amazon Website Images – the Complete Set of Image Guidelines You Should Follow

Before uploading the images in your Amazon store, double-check image guidelines. Amazon deletes the images that do not meet the specified criteria and might suspend your account. Here we explain the image guidelines recommended for your Amazon website images.

Amazon Website Images

Amazon displays product images in multiple places.

You can see them on the main product page, search results, thumbnails, and in many other sections. These images are the key to grab the customer’s attention and influence their buying decision. The images create the first impression of the product in the customer’s mind and motivate them to click the listing.

Unleash your creativity and make your images eye-catching. But simultaneously you should not ignore the image guidelines set by Amazon. We advise that you learn the technical guidelines before you optimize the images to avoid unnecessary rework.

The Amazon website image requirements

Amazon image optimization guidelines are updated frequently. So, apart from reading these standards, it is recommended to check the Amazon site for the latest information.

  1. Technical requirements
    • The minimum dimension of the image is 500 pixels on the longest side, and the maximum dimension is 10,000 pixels on the longest side.
    • The best aspect ratio is 1:1 for a square image and 5:1 for a rectangle image.
    • The best size for Amazon images is 10 mb.
    • The recommended image format is JPEG with 100% compression. The other permitted formats are TIFF, GIF, and PNG.
    • The file names of the images must have the product ID number followed by a full stop and the right format extension code. File names should not include punctuations, space, or special character.

  2. Main image requirements
    • The main image must accurately display the product since it is the largest image in the listing and would be displayed in searches.
    • The product must be in the center of the image and should be clear without any blurs and must have the exact color and size. The entire product must come within the frame.
    • The product should cover 85% or more of the image frame.
    • The background must be plain white (RGB 255, 255, 255).
    • The main image should be a photograph. Sketch, drawings, or other illustrations are not allowed.
    • The image should not have text, graphics, or any additional accessories.
    • Logos and watermarks in the images should not violate any copyrights.

  3. Additional image requirements
    • You can upload up to 9 smaller images out of which Amazon usually displays 7 images.
    • The images must show only the product. Additional objects are permitted only for demonstrating the product.
    • The product should be 100% in focus with smooth edges and represent the exact color and size.
    • The product and the additional objects should cover 85% or more of the frame.
    • Backgrounds, text, and graphics are allowed with the condition that the main focus should be the image.
    • Close-up or distorted images are not allowed.

  4. Photo requirements for specific categories
    • Children’s wear should be displayed on a flat surface and not worn by kids.
    • Footwear that is displayed within or near the shoebox is not permitted.
    • The preferred model to display swimwear is a flat surface. However, if you are using a model, it should not be obscene.
    • For the apparel section, the models must be in standing position. Lying down, sitting, or kneeling positions will obscure the image and are not permitted.

The above guidelines would help you to optimize the images for your Amazon store. However, you are advised to go through the Amazon style guide of your product category for up-to-date and authoritative information.

Having worked on Amazon product images for more than 5 years, SBL has in-depth knowledge of the Amazon image optimization guidelines. We ensure that your images adhere to the rules and save your time by avoiding rework.

We can handle bulk Amazon product image requirements and give the best results with the minimum turnaround time.

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