Advantages of Automation and Remote Working During COVID 19

Advantages of Automation and Remote Working During COVID-19

Remote working and automation are the latest buzzwords in the business world. COVID-19 has mandated that people stay safe at home. And home is the new workplace!!

Advantages of Automation and Remote Working During COVID 19

COVID-19 brings uncertainty and fluctuations in the business world. The global economy is facing the possibility of an economic recession and there has been an unprecedented disruption of supply chains and business. Ensuring business continuity through automation software development and remote working is the key focus of this discussion.

 Remote working is not a new concept. Organizations have always incorporated remote work in their workflow for its countless benefits.

 With COVID-19 remote working and automation have come into the spotlight and the immediate challenge before all organizations is to ensure that the entire business continues successfully through remote working. Companies need to invest in quality ERP application development. It is also necessary to use a professional custom CRM software development company to manage the transition.

The transition into remote working and automation might not be easy. However, considering the obvious advantages, organizations can think of extending this new work scenario even beyond COVI-19.

 Let’s see the advantages of automation and remote working with special reference to situations like COVID-19.

Advantages of automation

 Automation refers to the use of technology to enable a process or system to function automatically. Here are the main advantages of automation, especially during situations of slow economic growth and reduced physical interaction.


·     Reduces operational cost – Automation is highly effective in reducing operational costs. Both operational and administrative costs can eat into the profits of the business. Studies show that automation can reduce these costs by up to 70%. Currently, automation could be the right solution to resolve the financial crunch most firms are facing during COVID-19. You might need to consider a good ERP application development for automating your business process.

·     Ensures availability and reliability – These two factors are critical to instill trust in the business. During situations like COVID-19 where face-to-face interactions are limited, availability and reliability are the keys to great customer service. A custom CRM software development company can help you develop the best automation solution for your specific needs.

·     Increases competitiveness – Automation reduces human error and enables the business to deliver consistent product quality. The cost of production reduces while the production speed increases. These factors might be highly crucial to increase the competitiveness in these uncertain times.


Advantages of remote working

 The term remote working is self-explanatory. It is a way of functioning where professionals work outside the traditional home environment, often in the comfort of their homes.

 Simply put, remote working doesn’t require the employee to commute to the office. Here is how remote working can help the business to continue uninterrupted during COVID-19.


·     Zero commutation – By eliminating the need for commutation, remote working saves time and expenses and also reduces the traveling stress of employees. During emergencies where commutation is not possible, as the current lockdown, remote working can be a boon.

·     Reduces cost for companies– With remote working, there is no need for vast office spaces or other overhead expenses like workstations. This can save costs and increase profitability.

·     Access to a diverse work pool – It’s a big advantage to organizations when they can access the workforce from anywhere in the world. Access to talent is not limited by geographic boundaries. Companies can hire the best candidates for the job and enjoy higher productivity.

·     Improves employee morale – Employees achieve better work-life balance with remote work. The resulting personal well-being creates happier and more productive employees. It also increases their loyalty, thereby reducing attrition.

·     Committed employees – Often remote working is a big incentive for employees. They put in their best performance by working extra hours to prove themselves and retain the remote working arrangement. They also become more responsible to live up to the trust the company places on them.

 Remote working and automation can positively impact the work culture of the organization. Maybe it’s high time that companies consider remote working as a normal work process. It would be worth the effort to implement remote working and automation even after the COVID-19 crisis.

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