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8 Popular RPA Tools To Automate Your Business and Increase Efficiency

Robotic Process Automation eliminates errors due to repetition and saves time. This compilation of the popular RPA tools will help you choose the right software that aligns with your business needs.

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Examine the internal operations in any organization and you would find many repetitive tasks that put huge stress on the time and resources. There is also an increased possibility of errors. Automation is praised as the ideal solution for such issues and RPA tools are being deployed to use bots for performing repetitive tasks.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses robots to reproduce human actions and execute a business process. The RPA tools capture and interpret data, trigger responses, manipulate applications, and perform repetitive tasks just the way a human user does.

RPA tools are easily scalable, cost-effective, and less error-prone compared to humans. These tools do not require extensive programming knowledge and are quite easy to use. The RPA system performs several tasks such as opening emails, integrating with current tools, gathering data from web portals, and processing data. Today, RPA has entered into all industries. We can find high usage of automation in sectors such as healthcare, banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications.

Factors to consider while selecting an RPA tool

With a plethora of RPA tools available in the market, the task of choosing the ideal software suited for your business might be challenging. In order to make the right choice, consider the factors mentioned below.

  • Ease of use or product administration
  • Platform independence
  • Cost
  • User-friendliness
  • Scalability
  • Customizable to the business needs
  • Meets the business requirements completely

List of popular RPA tools you should consider

1. ElectroNeek

Elecroneek offers a wide range of functions along with stability and adaptivity. It has many innovative components such as Documents Hub, Productivity Analytics, Studio IDE, and Orchestrator.

Documents Hub has drag and drop tools that help to process the data in documents from web-based and on-premise applications. Studio IDE supports building a powerful browser and desktop automation in a low-code environment. Orchestrator schedules the automated workflows in a single place while Productivity Analytics supports automation scope estimation. Electoneek is budget-friendly and compatible with most of the applications.

2. Automation Anywhere
Automation Anywhere is suitable for mid and large companies in IT, telecom, banking, finance, and healthcare. It is reasonably priced and has a free 30-days trial offer. The tool focuses on operations linked to purchase, claims processing, payment, and human resources management. It is easy to deploy the basic bots while the advanced bots require C# and XML.

3. BluePrism
BluePrism is a popular RPA tool that is suitable for large companies in the telecom, healthcare, manufacturing, and media sector. It is built using Microsoft .NET Framework and is easy to integrate with platforms such as Windows, Java, and WPF. You can use it to automate any application.

4. HelpSystems
HelpSystems is recommended for mid or large size companies in finance, banking, insurance, and healthcare sectors. The platform offers bots to extract, manipulate, and utilize data from multiple sources. It also supports several integrations like Microsoft AWS, ESXi, and cloud systems.

5. Kofax
Kofax is a preferred choice for mid and large organizations in healthcare, finance, insurance, logistics, and public administration. It minimizes the routine tasks like data input, data output, and data reconciliation. You can integrate the tool into several systems such as CRM and ERP. There is a 90-days free trial for new users.

6. Nice
Nice supports the automation needs of medium and large-sized companies. Some of its key components are Building Centers of Excellence, Nice Robotic Automation platform, and automation of front and back office.

Building Centers of Excellence helps to govern the complete automation process. You can use the Nice Robotic Automation platform for enhanced AI-based OCR, and ML.

7. Pega Systems
Pega Systems supports the automation requirements of medium or large companies in the banking, telecom, and public administration sectors. It automates repetitive tasks such as accounts reconciliation, employee onboarding, and data processing. The tool provides only cloud solutions and can be easily integrated with Linux, Mac, and Windows. There is a 30-days trial offer.

8. Inflectra Rapise
Inflectra Rapise is easy to use for both non-developers and programmers. It is useful to automate Desktop, Web, and Mobile applications. The tool supports the requirements of small or medium-sized organizations and can be deployed for automation projects of any magnitude. It has a Record and play feature and also supports Microsoft Dynamics applications.


There are many tools you can consider for your business needs and each has its advantages. Some are free RPA tools while others offer a free trial followed by monthly payment. While choosing the right tool you have to consider various factors such as technology specifics, safety, and automation aspects. We hope you find the above RPA tools comparison list helpful.

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