5 Mobile Application Testing Trends

5 Mobile Application Testing Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

5 Mobile Application Testing Trends
Even though we are just a few months into 2018, the mobile testing arena is seeing a fast adoption of many trends, some of which might have long-term impacts in the field. And if you are a mobile app developer or tester, knowledge about the following mobile application testing trends of 2018 will help you keep up with the innovative turns.

Open Source Tools Will Be Embraced

If 2018 has got to be characterized by a major trend, it will be the increasing adoption of open source tools in mobility testing services, mobile accessibility testing, mobile usability testing, and many more. While this will improve the overall performance of automated tests, using open source tools instead of proprietary ones will also reduce the total development costs of mobile applications, thereby increasing the profitability of the app developer. Plus, increased application of open source tools will eventually lead to the development of more innovative tools that attract the full support of the open source community.

Multi-Screen Testing

With new handsets of varying screen dimensions hitting the market, mobile application testing will get even more trickier in 2018. The testing unit now needs to keep up with testing mobile apps on increasing variety of screen sizes. This trend will accelerate in 2018 and might be a trigger for innovative solutions that enable teams to quickly do multi-device, multi-screen testing without taking up too much time.

Short Release Schedules

2018 will further see a shortening of app development cycles. As a consequence, testing will become a more time restrictive job, shifting focus to automation as a measure to finish app testing on time. And with the growing number of security threats online, the need for automating mobile application security testing should also increase. Faster and multiple testing will ensure that mobile applications are developed and deployed in very little time.

Big Data Testing

Every major mobile app developer is looking to benefit from big data. This need will grow stronger in 2018 and testing teams will have to deal with testing large amounts of data. This will likely lead to the development of new strategies, tools, and frameworks so that application testers can easily handle large data sets in the shortest span possible.

Cloud Testing

As the number of cloud-based apps increases, the need for quickly testing such apps also grows. Testers have now started using real-world traffic on these apps as a means to speed up the testing process and to verify the different functions like performance, scalability and redundancy. This usage of live traffic for testing cloud dependent apps will see increased adoption among many testing teams worldwide in 2018 and beyond.

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