2017 08 28 1

5 key roles of Location Based Services in Smart Cities

2017 08 28 1

Everybody owns smartphones nowadays and many services are just a tap away. These phones make use of GPS so as to encode the data that we use with our location information. This can prove very useful because such information can be utilized to send notifications to the relevant people and also to offer them access to both services and goods within a particular area.Location Based Services have become a boon to all smart cities

Location Based Services going to play a key role in the following ways:

  • Controlling Fraud: Smart cities will put up a fight against the social problem of fraud. Now, even bank and credit card companies can utilize location data to verify transactions. Tracking one’s location helps detect fraudulent activities.
  • An Easier Travel: With one’s location picked up by the GPS, they can navigate easily through roads and traffic. This helps save time and avoid unnecessary delays during travel and also cuts the travel time to a big extent. When booking a taxi, GPS helps in letting the driver know your exact location and this facilitates the entire process.
  • Giving an Update for Services: Today, there is an option for “check in” when one visit any place, be it restaurants, malls, parks or any other public areas. When looking for a place to go to, this location shows up and makes the users know not only about that building’s address but also of its proximity to their area of residence. This makes it easier for them to pick a place of service.
  • Energy Consumption: When the location of citizens is monitored, cities will be able to grasp the knowledge about its people’s locations and will be able to understand when to fluctuate power availability over the course of a day.
  • Improving the overall quality of life: New concepts and ideas are being created to make the Smart cities safer and more comfortable. New retail experiences are being developed, local commerce is being stimulated; it is as if everything is becoming personalized for every single citizen.

Smart cities are rapidly welcoming all the new technological developments. It has been accepted that WiFi location based services are going to help evolve and enhance city experiences for both citizens and visitors.

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