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Brooding Over the Reality behind Virtual Reality? We Bring All You Need to Know

In a nutshell, Virtual Reality is an artificially created environment by blending imaging technology seamlessly with software programs and hardware capabilities of various devices. The confluence is so mind-blowing that it drives the user to suspend her/his disbelief and accept the artificial environment as the only existing reality.

Even though the concept of Virtual Reality was common among scientific communities from as early as the 1930s, the limitation of technology did not credit the traction VR needed then. However as technology developed, so did virtual reality.

How Does Virtual Reality Work?

VR is all about creating life-like experiences and it is advocated that any display used must be able to project a frame at a minimum rate of 20 – 30 FPS. There are several virtual reality post production services that try to hit beyond this threshold to offer the best experience for users.

One of the most striking aspects of virtual reality is immersion and it is what makes the sensation of being in a virtual world. This is also what makes for the advent of exceptional virtual reality services that offer life-like experiences and interactions for the users.

One of the important aspects that make VR is the confluence of:

– Impeccable 3D technology
– Stereoscopic displays
– Small yet powerful processors
– The advance in omni-directional cameras

These technologies are combined together on different platforms and leveraged with the help of carefully designed software programs to offer the most convincing, immersive and believable virtual reality environments for users.

Recently, photogrammetry is also used to merge several high-resolution to create highly detailed 3D environments and objects in a slew of VR applications apart from a range of technologies for 360 degree video post productions.

The applications of VR are more or less concentrated on entertainment business. However, as technologies become cheaper and more robust, it can be used in a wide range of industries, for academic purposes and creating simulated environments.

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How CARA Can Transform VR On NUKE For The Better?

Virtual Reality has been making exceptional developments in the recent past and it has been making its presence felt stronger than ever. The impeccable characteristics of the same can be drawn back to the unmatched capabilities of various virtual reality post production services. This is made possible by the advent of exceptionally robust plug-ins such as CARA on platforms like NUKE.

Why CARA is the superior plug-in for NUKE?
CARA is packed with a range of attributes that other plug-ins for NUKE platform do not offer such as;

It effectively address camera rigging issues

  • CARA provides a range of refinement options with camera position, possible distortions, rotations and focal length adjustment etc.
  • It comes with a series of pre-sets which allow for correct application of camera rigs along with offering extended support for customized rigs.

It provides for streamlined stitching

  • CARA offers a high-tech Sticher powered by GPU acceleration.
  • It also comes with exceptional ability to stitch videos together without any room for distorted imagery.
  • It helps to effective remove the line arte-facts and ghost effects and thus it considerably improves the stitch quality.

Myriad of Color Correction Options

  • CARA is capable of impulsively sensing all disparities induced by camera and exposures in white light and balances them right.
  • CARA provides options for a range of subtleties in lighting during various virtual reality services.

Tracking Optimization

  • CARA brings several options to address various continuities and distortions that might come along the longitudinal or latitudinal imageries.
  • CARA comes with a robust stabilization tool.
  • With the help of the built-in camera tracker of CARA, you can optimize the stabilization details

Workflow Streamlining Opportunities

  • Spherical transform knob offered by CARA can be revved-up for various activities related to compositing that provides room for accessing and utilizing all the tools in NUKE platform.
  • Stereo lens and the slit scan-shader are given better support to control the pole-depth of footages in 360 degree video post production.

All of these value-adding features offered by CARA can drive better clarity, vividness, details and depth for all the imagery being rendered in the NUKE platform.

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Location-based virtual reality for immersive, multi-dimensional experiences

Location-based virtual reality has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors in VR, which is creating experiences that blur the line between virtual and reality. Location-based virtual entertainment canters are offering more immersive, higher-end experiences through motion simulators, specialized sensory inputs, and custom accessories.

Location-based VR is perhaps the most relevant technology in the VR world and is expected to replace, or at least alter, indoor entertainment areas like theme parks, paintball, and laser combat fields, mall entertainment areas, etc. Gamers are looking for more immersive and interactive experiences than their own VR setup at home.

Several Location-based VR technology companies have raised considerable investment rounds in the first quarter of 2017 and more investment is likely to come. According to the latest studies, global virtual reality revenues will reach $7.17 billion by the end of this year and expecting a steady growth total close to $75 billion by 2021.

Location-based virtual reality will deliver immersive, multi-dimensional experiences, including entertainment content and games to multiplexes, malls and other commercial destinations.

Location based virtual reality is often the figment of one’s imagination brought to virtual life. In the gaming and entertainment sector, location based virtual reality have taken over almost every other technology.

Today, more and more location based virtual reality applications and games are making their ways in the market. Promoting this gaming concept to a whole new level is the integration of the revolutionizing technology into mobile devices such as smartphones, iPad’s and tablets which consistently make use of existing navigational systems to operate.

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Application of Virtual Reality (VR) in Daily Life

VR is revolutionizing several fields and impacting our lives in many ways. Healthcare, real estate, education, entertainment, tourism, sports, manufacturing, retail and military are all witnessing its effects. Some of VR’s influence listed below:

  • Entertainment: Movie buffs can now get an immersive experience with the help of VR and special apps. In fact they can get the feel of being inside the movie itself with imagery and sound effects surrounding them.
  • Tourism: An interesting dimension to VR is that people’s travel bug is satiated pretty easily, with VR transporting them to exotic locations in a matter of minutes.
  • Healthcare: VR has been a tremendous help in the field of medicine as it provides images, simulations and models to diagnose diseases and aid the treatment.
  • Automotive: Car conglomerates have made VR central to several of their functions, and now employees can wear VR headset and inspect a car in the making from all sides.
  • Shopping: Shoppers can now upgrade their online shopping with a real time experience along with friends. A headset and an app coming together to provide a 360 degree view of the store and product.
  • Law: VR comes to the rescue of enforcing law and catching culprits, as jurors can now view crime scenes in 3D and better understand what transpired at the scene of crime.  

The future holds numerous possibilities, as with a VR headset every industry is thinking up novel ways of providing immersive experiences to both customers and employees.

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Benefits of Offshoring VR Stitching, Prep, Roto

Virtual Reality also known by Immersive multimedia,computer simulated life, virtual environment is taking the world by storm. Virtual Reality can essentially be described as a replicated environment that is brought to life through the use of highly specific software and hardware in order to provide a completely immersive sensory experience. By focusing on human senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch as well as taste, the created environments give the users an illusion of having entered a completely new world. It is now impacting different spheres of life like Health care, Retail real-estate, education, military training etc.

virtual reality

Turning all of your footage into a 360 spherical stitch. There are challenges that come up during the course of filming like removing distortion leads, strengthening edges, arranging control points, and even though there are software available to do these there is certain amount of manual artistry and work involved which might be time consuming and monotonous. This allows Control to make decisions about where seams are located, their shape and width. Choosing to favor one image over another as an actor nears the edge of frame. Furthermore it allows for additional warping to counteract the effects of parallax, and the ability to control exposure, color and stabilization in a more direct way. Shots that may be impossible to stitch using automatic solutions will need to be done by hand, for example when combining to scenes that were not shot at the same time or even different locations.

Probably one of the chief reasons to consider outsourcing a project for any project, is obviously cost reduction. Third party employment is a significantly cheaper option than hiring one’s own team looking into the fact that these artists demand large pay packages based on their experience and qualifications.. However, this is not the only decisive factor. There are various other considerations that make this practice a beneficial one for VR Production Companies and Freelancers alike. These factors include but are not limited to:

Value for money – Shifting this provides your core production team to focus only on tasks of utmost importance while all the rest is taken off their plate and shifted externally.

Adaptability & Flexibility – Employees & Software would not need to be hired, all that headache is taken care of by the third-party, and allows you to be free of all emotional or practical boundaries of having employees. What’s more, if you remain unsatisfied with the work you can easily opt for someone else.

Talent & Expertise – The biggest benefit of offshore outsourcing is the expertise it provides. They can choose a partner specific to their requirement or ask for changes suiting their needs which a lot of smaller companies would be glad to accommodate. These offshore companies can offer you very competitive rates based on process engineering techniques related to location, resources , software and technical know-how.

Misc & Overhead Cost reduction – Employers don’t have to worry about hiring and then letting go employees after every project, nor do they have to pay for all development application licenses and hardware for every employee. The vendor is responsible for providing the materials necessary for their own teams hence relieving you of any and all team management issues.

How SBL VR can be a best fit as partner

SBL VR is amongst the pioneers to crack the VR post production using ‘CARA for Nuke’ pipeline having had the good fortune of having played a part in the Post stitch and Prep for Jaunt VR in the making of the widely acclaimed “Invisible” series”


With collaboration with some of the leading production houses in Virtual Reality they are looking forward to expand their aura across the globe and provide the quality services to the emerging VR domain. These include :

  • Seamlessly stitched stereo or mono VR content from commercial or custom multi-camera rigs to create a seamless immersive environment
  • Correcting exposure and white balance differences between cameras to remove distracting visual disparities
  • Stabilize shots during or after stitching to produce a more comfortable, dynamic VR experience without compromising quality
  • An experienced team that can apply Compositing techniques including paint, Roto and tracking, directly on 360° footage
  • Assembly, stitching, color/stereo correction using the latest software including CARA

If you are convinced that outsourcing Virtual Reality development is the right direction for your business to take, feel free to go ahead and get in touch with SBL today

(http://vr.sblcorp.com/). Let’s get started!!

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SBL VR cracks the Nuke-CARA pipeline with Jaunt VR in the making of “INVISIBLE” Series

SBL is immensely proud and honored at having been part of “Invisible” – a scripted supernatural drama series in VR and the first major use of this technology – we are thrilled that the widely acclaimed series is now drawing acclaims from experts and audience alike.

We undertook the post processing part of synchronization, stitching together, & finishing and provided the output to the production house and the results are there for all to see. Undoubtedly a lot of credit would go to our immensely talented and imaginative team but we were supported to a great extent by the fabulous CARA pipeline which really set the output quality up quite a few notches. Our impressive production facility and the Technological & Software support that we enjoy, has helped in becoming experts in creating realistic and immersive simulation of a three-dimensional environment, created using interactive software and hardware.

Having worked with different variations of camera rig, we understand what it needs to generate the kind of output you have in mind and which is cost effective. We come across many individual rigs varying in number and length and were required to sync them together for a smooth work flow. Initially we tried Autopane and experienced flexibility challenges. The point for tweaking and placement of the rig texture for additional cameras was the key problematic area with not much Prep control – so we tried it with Nuke-CARA which gave us control and user-friendly edit options to get the desired stitched quality and work stability for the paint/prep tasks to be implemented.

Groups of high end render farms made our process much stable to execute and save on production time. Burning of midnight oil was a regular feature through the project, but all the dedication, hard work and tenacity of the team paid off when the desired high standards of quality in output were delivered.

This is just the beginning and we look to much bigger achievements but as Virtual Reality goes, the sky is the limit and SBL VR is carving its niche in this rapidly developing space.

Watch “Invisible” episodes online on https://www.jauntvr.com/

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