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E-Governance at Legislative Assembly House

Government of India’s vision of Digital India aims to transform digital infrastructure as a utility for governance. This initiative help Citizens in getting effective Governance by reducing the redundant process and providing better transparency in Governance.

The Digital India initiative contributes to nation’s growth and development by bringing in technology interventions across the key areas where every citizen has access.

Digital India initiative faces tremendous challenges in implementation of e-governance solutions across different departments, this includes the digitization of existing information, adapting to technology based workflow management etc.

Experience of implementation partners in similar projects is one of the major challenges faced by Government. Lack of understanding of day-to-day functions of Government departments and the governance process can create more confusions among citizens and can create a reluctance to use the digital platform.

To tackle these challenges and ensure a digitally well-connected India Government is taking necessary steps, including validating implementation partners based on past experience in similar projects, educating and motivating citizens to use technology in day-to-day life etc.

A major measure taken by Government is to revise the traditional paper based workflow at legislative assembly to a digital ecosystem. This initiative will familiarize the benefits of technology in governance and encourage the legislative members to spread the benefits of technology through their constituency.

Himachal Pradesh Legislative assembly is country’s first legislative assembly who had transformed to a digital platform through e-Vidhan solution and has successfully completed all the sessions including budget session digitally .

In line with this transformation, e-Vidhan has offered mobile applications to Legislative members, enabling them to access information on the day’s business instantaneously. Through the mobile applications, Legislative members get a totally new opportunity to interact digitally with electorate and officials to handle the grievances of the public. Further, the members can access any data related to the development activities in the constituencies, thereby making eVidhan a complete ecosystem for Constituency Management.

eVidhan project is first of its kind in India and was developed as a joint venture between the Himachal Pradesh State Legislative Assembly, National Informatics Centre, National Informatics Centre Services Incorporated (NICSI), Government of Himachal Pradesh along with SBL.

eVidhan Project was Awarded the Civil Service Award – 2015 by the Himachal Pradesh Government for the transformation it had brought in Legislative proceedings, operational cost savings & its contribution to environment.

Successful implementation of e-Governance solution at Himachal Legislative Assembly has got attention from other Legislative assemblies across India and are moving forward to implement same, encouraging digital ecosystem at all levels of Governance.

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SBL’s Technology division adds US Retail Chain.

ISO Accredited Technology company, SBL, wins another customer for its Testing Automation Framework Service.
Sitting within the over-arching Technology division, SBL has built up a Centre of Excellence for Testing. This centre has the expertise, flexibility and resource to operate in different capacities based on the clients’ requirements: on the one hand it functions as a support to larger IT projects; on the other it operates as a standalone testing service, where external testing or the creation of automated testing frameworks is all that the client needs.

An area of particular strength is in Mobile app test automation. This is still a specialist service, not least because there are multiple automation tools and frameworks available in the market for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry applications. To assemble a permanent in-house team that is expert in all of these options is difficult, time-consuming and expensive for our clients, which is why our on-demand resource pool is such a popular option. For some projects, engaging our team for manual testing is the best solution; however it is worth bearing in mind the potential cost savings of asking us to build an automated testing framework instead.

Depending on the client’s needs – something which our consultancy team can help advise on if applicable – we can build a test automation framework either from scratch or on top of existing tools or frameworks already available in the market. Following completion of the framework build, we can provide resources to build the test cases, and either train the clients’ teams to use and maintain the automated test framework or take on the maintenance ourselves. Again, the size and multi-disciplinary nature of our staff resource means that we can be completely flexible in terms of advising and selecting the best option. Furthermore, utilizing our proven QA tools and practices minimizes possible delays to the ‘go to market plans’, including launch and marketing activities, thereby removing unexpected penalty costs and lost revenues.

On a final note it is worth mentioning that we are increasingly involved in testing applications which are built in Micro services based architecture (E.g. Amazon). We anticipate this trend will only grow.

If you would like to discuss SBL’s IT or Software Services, including Testing,
please contact us : marketing@sblinfo.com

For more details on SBL, kindly visit :-

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On 16th April 2015, UK companies will have the opportunity to observe SBL’s ISO Accredited Services in person.

The SBL team will be presenting solutions, taking one-to-one meetings and leading a round table discussion.

Event delegates will be able to engage with a dynamic, international outsourcing company which holds a number of globally-recognized accreditations. These include ISO 9001:2008; ISO 17024; ISO 27001:2005; Six Sigma Practices. The team will be on hand to answer questions, provide live demonstrations and offer general insight into perceived strategic threats and opportunities.

Venue:16th April 2015 – Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, London, UK.

Represented by:Geoff Blissitt, Director, Sales and Marketing Europe

Email: geoff.blissitt@sblinfotech.co.uk

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Digital India Vision: Opening up the way for e-Governance and digitization solutions to public & private sector.

internet concept
In a stirring ‘call to action’ speech towards the end of 2014, Prime Minister Modi outlined his ambitious vision for a Digital India. It quickly became clear that the successful implementation of this vision would rely primarily on the implementation of IT & Technology innovations across public and private sectors. In particular, a key starting point would be initiating the change from paper-based information silos to paperless and evolving data ecosystems.

At SBL, this announcement was met with great enthusiasm. As a leading IT solution provider in e-Governance projects, and a long-standing advocate of digital transformation in India, it felt as though our own strategy was finally aligning with central government policy. Most impressive of all was the understanding that a successful digital transformation has a number of vital stages, all of which must be joined up through a comprehensive and coherent plan.

Our successful track record in implementing e-Governance solutions demonstrates that we have the required understanding and project capabilities to formulate and execute these often complex plans. Part of this is of course carefully implemented change management. We have already helped a range of organizations to navigate this transformation. These include Government departments, Legislative Assemblies, Publishing companies, Libraries and Commercial enterprises. Typical project activities include digitizing and archiving existing paper records; inter-active database creation; hosting and joined up management of data; e-portal creation to deliver digitized records online.

We are delighted to be part of the ambitious Digital India project.

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