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SBL Business Process Management Services

Integrity, trust, teamwork and highly experienced leadership are some key attributes you need and expect from a good Business Process Management outsourcing partner. But what do you think about accuracy, adaptability, responsiveness, consistency, innovation and accountability? These attributes transform a BPM partner from “good” to “excellent!” SBL’s customer-centricity is enshrined in our corporate vision and values. To know more about SBL’s decade-long industry presence and capabilities, we ask you to take a quick look at the following link to understand the core competencies and strengths of the organization.
Our unwavering focus on client relations and dedicated account management has resulted in a steady, long-standing engagement with very loyal clients. Our message is simple, but more importantly, our actions speak louder than words:”deliver or exceed what is expected, when it is expected.” Extending continuous process improvements is an integral value addition we offer through Six Sigma and Lean pratices to our clients businesses.
Our BPM division has grown into a multi-disciplinary ISO accredited operation which draws on global best practice standards essential to delivering service excellence to our clients in:
In order to deliver these services to the highest standards we operate on an international brick-and-mortar basis. We have several delivery centers in India that offers seamless DRP/BCP options at all times, further augmented by Account Management offices in the USA and UK. Our onshore presence helps clients and businesses to interface on a real time basis, thus cutting across time zones for any delivery related matter.

SBL Online Team


Emerging business tycoons need an intelligent partner who can optimize their business & reduce cost & provide smart solutions, an overall intelligent approach to Online Services. Many are now constructing thriving business strategies on the foundation of efficient systems for managing inventory and online servicing models that address fundamental challenges such as disparate processes, lack of visibility into service costs, and installed base data. 

SBL offers a unique model for online services that focuses on maximizing service revenue and reducing service costs to make online services a profit center. Our service delivery model centralizes and standardizes processes to enable more effective local execution. We enable superior field service management as well as end-to-end support for contact center processes. Our approach drives higher efficiency and effectiveness in managing processes across the entire online servicing via the proper mix of people, processes, and technology. Our industry expertise is both deep and broad, and includes Genealogy, geo spatial, graphic designing & F&A. 

Our quality driven processes focus on customer-centric metrics, such as First Time Fix and First Call Resolution, to drive higher customer satisfaction, long-term loyalty, and increased revenue. Our Online service solution integrates multiple legacy and web-based technology systems to eliminate inefficiencies and provide fast access to information. This results in better end-to-end service revenue management, and cost effective service operations.  

We know from our 10 years of applying quality principles to drive business process optimization that better service comes from focusing on the entire service lifecycle rather than any single part of it. Our online Services solution, therefore, is enterprise-wide and drives down service costs at the same time that it increases operational efficiency at every stage of the service supply chain. It includes outcome-driven effectiveness projects, a focus on removing bottlenecks at the sub-process level or at functional interfaces, and deployment of selected technologies.


SBL online Services delivers 10% to 15% improvement in service profitability. Our solution leverages our proprietary, quality based methodology, which applies deep industry and market analytic to enhance end-to-end operations, and re-engineering of all processes to deliver key business outcomes such as:

  • Improved Service Revenue: up to 25% higher
  • Reduced Service Cost: up to 20% lower
  • Increased Customer Loyalty: 100% customer satisfaction

  • Our implementation/execution model encompasses:

  • Implementing the “right” KPIs and metrics through online services.
  • Identifying CTQ & CTP to ensure 100% accuracy.
  • Continuous improvement using time proven quality methods & technological implementation.

  • 3)Services

    Using our expertise  to optimize everything from service management, SBL online service has been instrumental in generating high revenue streams, reducing costs, and providing superior business outcomes for our clients.

    SBL manages one of the largest shipping companies, govt foreclosure projects, research & analytical works graphic designers, web designers & advertising agencies for their operations and has delivered over US$50 million in impact in the last 2 years.

    4)Case study

    Global shipper increases cash-flow by 10% & a reduction in invoice error posting by 30%.


    One of the world’s largest shipping company


    Global container shipper

    c)Business requirement

    Achieving higher revenue growth at better margins by ensuring accurate invoice posting & efficient follow up with end customers

    d)SBL solution

    SBL manages one of the largest shipping companies, govt foreclosure projects, research & analytical works graphic designers, web designers & advertising agencies for their operations and has delivered over US$50 million in impact in the last 2 years.

    e)Business impact

  • Increased cash-flow by 10% by reducing errors on invoices and ensuring he customers got first time accurate information & reduction of inquiries.
  • Reduced errors on invoices by 30% by automating input parameters & remotely updating the data base, contributing to the better cash-flow.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Business Process Management @ SBL: What does excellence look like?

    Business Process Management-SBL

    Business Process Management

    Accuracy, consistency, innovation; these are the key characteristics which make for an excellent Business Process Outsourcing Partner. At SBL, we believe this to such an extent that we have enshrined them in our company Vision and Values.

    Over the past ten years, SBL has grown into a well-respected, ISO Accredited organisation with an international reach; we have achieved this through an unswerving focus on customer relations and account management. Consistently accurate delivery, coupled with thought leadership innovation has resulted in a steady procession of long-standing, loyal clients. Indeed the message is simple: deliver what is expected, when it is expected, with one eye continuously on better ways of doing things and trust is established. Trust is the primary currency in everything that we do.

    Our Business Process Management (BPM) division is SBL’s largest; literally billions of data records and transactions have passed through the BPM team. To support and expand the BPM division’s operational capacity we recently opened an additional dedicated Data Management Centre in Madurai. Already ISO Accredited, this dedicated centre will enable us to develop a joined up and integrated data management strategy for our clients. In the context of major opportunities and challenges such as Big Data, BIM, and Inspire, this type of innovative approach is, we believe, another example of how good becomes excellent.

    Accreditations and Associations also play their part in driving excellence. As well as our 3 ISO Awards, our Six Sigma practices, and our membership of trusted organisations such as NASSCOM, The Confederation of Indian Industry, and the Data Security Council of India, our innovative approach has lead to specific recognition. Just last year we were shortlisted for NASSCOM’s Emerge 50 Award, and recognised for our part in launching India’s first high-tech Legislative Assembly House. The implementation and management of best practice standards are essential to delivering excellence to international clients.

    In terms of specifics, our BPM division has grown into a multi-disciplinary operation which draws on these central best practice standards. By offering a range of services the BPM team can offer a complete, joined up approach. These services include: Document Management; Finance & Accounting; Claims Processing; Research & Analytics; e-content including books and magazines. Our core sectors range from Genealogy and Publishing to Accountancy, Insurance and Legal.

    In order to deliver these services to the highest standards we operate on an international bricks-and-mortar basis. We have several production centres in India but also Account Management offices in USA, UK, Australia and, very soon, Qatar. Having a local resource in our clients’ own countries or geographical vicinities is another essential component for delivering excellence, as our clients are able to draw on local expertise and support. This is important for addressing the different time zones, but also for establishing and building face to face business relationships.

    If you would like to hear more about what we do, or to talk us through what you do, please don’t hesitate to contact us:- info@sblcorp.com