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Key points to Choose the Best Family Genealogy Brick Wall Solution Provider

Filling out a family chart seems to be an easier game to play but family genealogy research is more complex than it seems to be. A historian always faces barriers in his research, which are termed to as brick wall or hitting the brick wall. Relying on the less obvious methods is age-old, with digitization taking over every industrial stratum, breaking a family genealogy brick wall has now become a paradigm, than a mere wild goose chase. Sharing the family history, preserving the family photos, researching records, organizing the genealogy etc. are some of the common functions a historian or an enthusiast perform, and assisted with technology, they have a higher chances of predicting accurate family tree(history). Choosing the right genealogy brick wall solution provider may turn out to be a tiresome job, for which the below mentioned key points could help you better:

– Though novel, one can still demand for at least 5 years of experience in digitizing and dissecting age-old records.
– The provider should have ample resources to support and sophisticated technology to digitize records on a multilingual base.
– Should have customized budget plans for every class of customer or the historian without compromising on the quality of the service delivered.
– Capable of carrying out and performing the scanning indexing and transcription accurately and delivering it in the format specified by the customer.
– The assistance of the account managers at the client site will be inevitable

It is rather obvious that a genealogy researcher gets stuck in between where he finds it impossible to find the maiden name, ancestors from another country and furthermore when the records go missing. All these should be overcome by means of digitized records and new excavations should move further on digitizing technologies, hence reliance on a solution provider will be the need of the hour. Choose a family genealogy solution provider right from the beginning, as an erudite co-worker or think of them when you hit a brick wall. In any case the key points for selection criteria of a genealogy brick wall solution provider discussed here will always holds good.

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SBL Genealogy goes International: Transferable skills now used in Swedish, Spanish, Croatian, French, Latin, and Portuguese projects.

genelogy transcription

Following more than a decade of transcribing billions of historic records in English, SBL has transferred these skills to accommodate a number of other European languages. Working with highly-regarded specialists in each geographic area, SBL can offer document and data management services to a much wider territory. This means that Archivists, Librarians and Data Managers in these European countries now have access to SBL’s award-winning transcription and data mining teams.

The key to this development is the transferable nature of SBL’s skills sets. The same meticulous attention to detail which is required for historic genealogical records can easily be extended to data capture and indexing of contemporary documents for Banking, Insurance, Retail and Health sectors. Similarly, the rigorous QC procedures which have been developed to deliver at least 99.5 % accuracy for records which are often damaged, hand-written and illegible to all but a highly trained eye are easily incorporated for modern and far more straight forward data entry Quality Assurance processes.

What is more, this initiative is not a small foray into non-English language data management services. Due to the high volume nature of our Genealogy projects we have already processed millions of records in each language. With our country-based specialists we have deliberately developed a solid and extensive understanding of language nuances before promoting this new capability. This is to ensure that a) our ISO Accredited QC processes are not compromised and b) the clients’ expected turnaround times can be met.

If your country is not included in the list above, fear not. This is simply the first batch based on the priorities of our existing clients. Other languages will be introduced either as part of a programme or as a result of a specific customer project. Indeed as long as we are given sufficient notice we are able to accommodate projects for new languages on a bespoke basis. Again, this is possible precisely because of the transferable nature of our skills and our experience of building a network of in-country specialists for initial training and ongoing local guidance.
For more details, visit – http://www.sblcorp.com/Genealogy.php

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