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SBL Business Process Management Services

Integrity, trust, teamwork and highly experienced leadership are some key attributes you need and expect from a good Business Process Management outsourcing partner. But what do you think about accuracy, adaptability, responsiveness, consistency, innovation and accountability? These attributes transform a BPM partner from “good” to “excellent!” SBL’s customer-centricity is enshrined in our corporate vision and values. To know more about SBL’s decade-long industry presence and capabilities, we ask you to take a quick look at the following link to understand the core competencies and strengths of the organization.
Our unwavering focus on client relations and dedicated account management has resulted in a steady, long-standing engagement with very loyal clients. Our message is simple, but more importantly, our actions speak louder than words:”deliver or exceed what is expected, when it is expected.” Extending continuous process improvements is an integral value addition we offer through Six Sigma and Lean pratices to our clients businesses.
Our BPM division has grown into a multi-disciplinary ISO accredited operation which draws on global best practice standards essential to delivering service excellence to our clients in:
In order to deliver these services to the highest standards we operate on an international brick-and-mortar basis. We have several delivery centers in India that offers seamless DRP/BCP options at all times, further augmented by Account Management offices in the USA and UK. Our onshore presence helps clients and businesses to interface on a real time basis, thus cutting across time zones for any delivery related matter.

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Save Time, Reduce Costs and Relieve the Burden in Financial Accounting & Reporting

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It’s no mystery…

…that business finances, accounting and reporting are the backbone of your organization. It’s also well-known that F&A management is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. Precision, speed and confidentiality are of the upmost importance, coupled with the need to adapt to a dynamic regulatory environment with oft-changing rules and strict compliance requirements.

Building and managing an in-house team often proves difficult and expensive. This is when the right BPM outsourcing partner needs to be brought into the mix. An efficient, cost-effective alternative can relieve the burden of extensive transactional recording and reporting with speed, accuracy and transparency.

The risk?

The area of risk lies in choosing the right partner. The transfer and delivery of tasks should be seamless, maximum security maintained and process management enhanced. SBL is an ISO accredited BPO specialist that has a proven track record of helping businesses do exactly this.

You will realize sustainable benefits with our 3 end-to-end F&A processes:

– Order to Cash (O2C): plug revenue leakages and improve overall efficiency of your sales cycle.
– Procure to Pay (P2P): gain control and visibility into the entire transaction life cycle and insight into the cash flow
– Record to Report (R2R): receive strategic and financial feedback on business performance for crucial decision making.

SBL is a dependable and professional organization that has won accolades from our clients in the U.S, UK, India and Australia.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce our suite of BPM solutions to you.

For more details, visit –

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SBL Online Team


Emerging business tycoons need an intelligent partner who can optimize their business & reduce cost & provide smart solutions, an overall intelligent approach to Online Services. Many are now constructing thriving business strategies on the foundation of efficient systems for managing inventory and online servicing models that address fundamental challenges such as disparate processes, lack of visibility into service costs, and installed base data. 

SBL offers a unique model for online services that focuses on maximizing service revenue and reducing service costs to make online services a profit center. Our service delivery model centralizes and standardizes processes to enable more effective local execution. We enable superior field service management as well as end-to-end support for contact center processes. Our approach drives higher efficiency and effectiveness in managing processes across the entire online servicing via the proper mix of people, processes, and technology. Our industry expertise is both deep and broad, and includes Genealogy, geo spatial, graphic designing & F&A. 

Our quality driven processes focus on customer-centric metrics, such as First Time Fix and First Call Resolution, to drive higher customer satisfaction, long-term loyalty, and increased revenue. Our Online service solution integrates multiple legacy and web-based technology systems to eliminate inefficiencies and provide fast access to information. This results in better end-to-end service revenue management, and cost effective service operations.  

We know from our 10 years of applying quality principles to drive business process optimization that better service comes from focusing on the entire service lifecycle rather than any single part of it. Our online Services solution, therefore, is enterprise-wide and drives down service costs at the same time that it increases operational efficiency at every stage of the service supply chain. It includes outcome-driven effectiveness projects, a focus on removing bottlenecks at the sub-process level or at functional interfaces, and deployment of selected technologies.


SBL online Services delivers 10% to 15% improvement in service profitability. Our solution leverages our proprietary, quality based methodology, which applies deep industry and market analytic to enhance end-to-end operations, and re-engineering of all processes to deliver key business outcomes such as:

  • Improved Service Revenue: up to 25% higher
  • Reduced Service Cost: up to 20% lower
  • Increased Customer Loyalty: 100% customer satisfaction

  • Our implementation/execution model encompasses:

  • Implementing the “right” KPIs and metrics through online services.
  • Identifying CTQ & CTP to ensure 100% accuracy.
  • Continuous improvement using time proven quality methods & technological implementation.

  • 3)Services

    Using our expertise  to optimize everything from service management, SBL online service has been instrumental in generating high revenue streams, reducing costs, and providing superior business outcomes for our clients.

    SBL manages one of the largest shipping companies, govt foreclosure projects, research & analytical works graphic designers, web designers & advertising agencies for their operations and has delivered over US$50 million in impact in the last 2 years.

    4)Case study

    Global shipper increases cash-flow by 10% & a reduction in invoice error posting by 30%.


    One of the world’s largest shipping company


    Global container shipper

    c)Business requirement

    Achieving higher revenue growth at better margins by ensuring accurate invoice posting & efficient follow up with end customers

    d)SBL solution

    SBL manages one of the largest shipping companies, govt foreclosure projects, research & analytical works graphic designers, web designers & advertising agencies for their operations and has delivered over US$50 million in impact in the last 2 years.

    e)Business impact

  • Increased cash-flow by 10% by reducing errors on invoices and ensuring he customers got first time accurate information & reduction of inquiries.
  • Reduced errors on invoices by 30% by automating input parameters & remotely updating the data base, contributing to the better cash-flow.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
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    BPM Approach to BPO

    In the early part of this millennium, organizations around the world started looking at outsourcing their business processes to cut costs and become more competitive. This is how the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry was founded, primarily to provide low-cost options for business process delivery.

    Over the years, BPO service providers have developed a strong understanding of their clients’ businesses and have steadily moved up the value chain in terms of the services offered. Far from just being providers of low-cost back-end services, these companies have now become strategic partners for their clients and directly impact client profitability on a global level. Offerings such as end-to-end actuarial services support for the insurance industry; predictive analytics models for managing demands and forecasts in the retail / CPG industry; or managing multi-channel customer interactions as well as revenue generation at the contact center for the travel industry, are examples of the transformation shift from BPO to Business Process Management(BPM).

    This shift signifies increased maturity of an industry that manages complex processes and truly understands the client’s industry, client needs for regulatory compliance, risk mitigation and the impact and demands of globalization.

    BPM also reflects the move from a business model focused on being input-based to outcome-driven, where the BPM provider takes responsibility for the client’s business results. In a sense, the transformation from BPO to BPM reflects the journey of the industry from the back-office to the client’s boardroom.

    For enterprises looking at outsourcing as a means of transforming their business processes, achieving cost efficiencies is of top-most priority. However, intelligent organizations are now focusing on going beyond cost-saving mechanisms and looking at achieving greater flexibility to scale and support their global operations.

    The BPM providers that will succeed will be those that stay abreast of future trends and partner with the right technology and develop processes to deliver the right solution. This is about branching out of the back-office and stepping up to the board room to make a difference to our clients top and bottom line – not just costs.

    Our services at SBL include research and analysis, finance and accounting, document management, and claims processing.

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    Accelerate Business Growth Through Collaborative Approach in BPO SCM .

    Changing dynamics in the global economy make it imperative for supply chain organizations to innovate, optimize costs and improve profitability. To ensure this, organizations must streamline their supply chain processes and enhance sourcing while focusing on core competencies.

    Today, successful companies rely on the skills of supply chain management professionals to keep their goods and services flowing to the marketplace quickly, efficiently, and as cost-effective as possible. Supply chain management is a bright spot among up-and-coming careers, with employment opportunities in a wide variety of industries, in firms of all sizes. If you’re interested in a challenging career with a variety of specializations, as well as prospects for advancement, you might want to check out supply chain management.

    “Organizations increasingly look to streamline their supply chain operations while gaining visibility and insights to quicken their time-to-market through their SCM BPO initiatives.

    Business Process Outsourcing in Supply Chain Management has come of age very quickly. From a newborn aspect to a galvanising practice, the concept has speedily grown at over 25% compound annual growth since 2010. Today, it stands at a market rate of US $1.0-1.2 billion.

    Technology is pushing SCM BPO toward maturity:

    A role-playing aspect has been the digitization of all the related activities, which has inspired companies to focus on improving customer value, efficiency of operations, quality of results, and of course, outsourcing of its work.

    At SBL, we take a partnership approach in supporting our customers. We align our goals with our customers’ business objectives, helping them meet the fast-paced demands of our dynamic markets. We have a proven track record supporting business processes. Our business is based on agility and integrity with a commitment to keep pace with customer demands and changing requirements. We base our success on the success of our customers have with their customers.

    With deep product experience, industry knowledge and an agnostic approach, we can provide the best solutions for customer’s current and future business. The result is improved business relationships by transforming the way people communicate and collaborate with customers, employees and partners.

    Ultimately, SBL can help your company achieve accelerated growth through innovation and the creation of new revenue opportunities.

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    Offshore Services Provider SBL Opens North American Headquarters in South Florida

    SBL is proud to announce our expansion into North America with our operations center in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. As we service our current clients and build new relationships in the US and Canada, we understand the need to provide an immediate line-of-sight view of our capabilities through a local presence. This U.S. operations center will execute all SBL business development, marketing communications, customer service and PR activities in North America.

    The SBL USA office is managed by Paul Dudley, VP of North American Business Development and a Florida native with a comprehensive background in global sales, marcom, PR and customer service. With a combined 50 years’ experience in fulfilling sales and marketing requirements for international enterprises, the SBL USA team is working to effectively acquire and deliver business in North America. SBL US(1)

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    Visit SBL @ IAOP The 2015 Outsourcing World Summit _ Booth # 60



    SBL is an IT and Business Process Management (BPM) company offering smart solutions to organizations across geographies and industry verticals.We offer a range of customized services
    and solutions that allow our customers to reduce operational costs.
    sbl service

    Business Process Management (BPM) Geospatial
    • Research and Analytics
    • Finance & Accounting
    • Document Management
    • Claim Processing
    • GIS
    • Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
    • UAV Data Processing
    • LiDAR
    • Web GIS
    • Video post production
    • Image Editing
    • Graphics Designing
    • Modeling and Animation
    • Custom Application Development & Maintenance
    • Mobility Application Development
    • zingGo Solutions
    • Digitizing & Archival Management
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