Business Process Management

Why Business Process outsourcing is the next big thing?

A business is defined by the very processes that make it happen—whether they are core or non-core processes. Without any room for thinking otherwise, it is the efficient execution of these processes that underline all the business fundamentals.

However, it is important to understand Business Process outsourcing can make over the business to a more productive, profitable and lucrative venture for all parties involved.

It brings great value for the business: One of the most important ways to make customers happy is definitely providing impeccable value for their time and money they spend with the business. When processes are outsourced, due to the sheer expertise of the service provider, customers are always in for a treat significantly improving their satisfaction levels.

Efficient utilization of resources: An integral part of making a business profitable is the effective utilization of resources. Most of the times, all the resources in a business might not find optimum usage and thus it may amount to wastage. However, when a process is outsourced, businesses can draw specific contracts to meet the specific requirements throughout the year driving better utilization of investments.

Opportunities to leverage the knowledge and expertise of the vendor: While there is no doubt that a business may be the best at what it does, it is not possible to be expert is all the related processes it needs to cater to if it wants to grow. This is where the knowledge and expertise of the vendor can bring great value for the business. Without having to painstakingly go through all kind of training and development, you can have all the resources that have all the skills and prowess already available for you.

Possibilities to leverage infrastructure scaling: Businesses are constantly expanding and there always is a need to scale up the infrastructure to meet the changing requirements. Business Process outsourcing, by the very nature of it, can help businesses take advantage of the capabilities of the vendors to scale their service propositions as per the requirements of the businesses. From whatever perspective a business may want to look at this opportunity, it favors them, without any question.

Now having understood the goods, are you ready and game to take advantage of Business Process outsourcing?

Bridging the Gap between Traditional and Innovative approach to training in the digital world

One thing remains a constant in this ever changing, fast paced world – it is the need to upskill, crossskill and reinvent oneself to remain competitive and relevant. Organizations are investing on providing training solutions to their employees starting from: the basic Personality Development programs to all the way up to cutting edge technical courses and sales and marketing learning modules.

But how are these programs delivered in the current corporate world? Instructor Led Training programs or Classroom based sessions are a thing of the past. Technology enabled learning that provides an immersive and inclusive learning experience to employees is the game changer in the present day training scenario.

The employee on the go is able to attend a training program simply with his/her handheld, and a series of quizzes, simulations, games, tests, webcasts, podcasts ensure that the learning program is rich and assure knowledge retention.

While the basic training content is the same, the innovation lies in the delivery of the training content. With several useful digital communication and collaboration tools, an innovative style of delivery becomes a natural extension to training.

E-learning programs are cost effective as there are no infrastructure overheads and it can be delivered quickly allowing the employees the flexibility to access it from anywhere and refer to the content later as well. Additionally, it allows them to learn at their own pace without having to depend on instructors.

Professionally competent employees boost productivity and stay motivated and loyal to the organization, therefore there is reduced employee turnover.

Historical Document Conversion: The Digital Way

The process of classifying and indexing present day documents is fairly easy. However, storing historical documents such as birth/death records, parish details and marriage records in different and in old fashioned writing styles can be complex and challenging. Often these archived records are handwritten, writing style incomprehensible, lacks clarity and they do not fit into any standard templates.

But it is important to extract, index, and digitize these records to unlock the information trapped within these manuscripts. Cleaning and breaking down the information hidden in the dog eared paper based files and making them available for larger consumption is crucial.

With the advent of smart digital technologies in document preservation and storage, organization leverage data transcription solutions such as digitization, scanning, indexing, preservation and automation of the required information often in multi languages.

Organizations are turning to trusted scanning services to convert many of their ancient documents into digital formats that are easy to store and retrieve quickly. Also digitizing these key records enables them to be accessed from anywhere and indexing affords easy search facility. And the flexibility that comes with scanning permits for the entire book/photo/manuscript to be captured without any size limitations. Imaging allows capturing the paper based records into graphical images which can be indexed and searched as well.

SBL has ten years of experience in transcribing historical hand written documents into electronic formats. It has successfully digitized billions of age-old records dating back to 1700 AD with unerring accuracy and quality. 

Distorted Voice to Accurate Text

Voice recognition technology is fast becoming a regular feature in smart gadgets, but its success largely depends on how accurately it can capture the various voices and accents. SBL is making forays in the voice to text transcription space and is capable of translating any type of voice with precision.

Key offerings that come under the voice to text umbrella are audio/video, business, legal and medical transcription. Audio/Video Transcription involves error free transcription of meetings, conferences, interviews, seminars, lectures, podcasts, YouTube videos, DVDs, films and TV serials.

From a corporate perspective, organizations constantly seek confidential and quality transcription of analyst calls, investor conferences, brainstorming sessions and product launches etc, therefore business transcription is much in demand. Likewise, legal firms and advocate offices are also beginning to take the help of transcription for briefs, court proceedings, police interrogations and several important such important artefacts. Yet another field that is transcribing many of its records and reports is the medical department. From physicians, hospitals, healthcare organizations and wellness centers the need for transcription is only growing.

Customers who have engaged with SBL for the audio to text transcription are able streamline their operations, track key initiatives, have searchable and retrievable records and most importantly save time and resources earlier spent on mundane tasks. SBL has built cutting edge capabilities in distorted voice to accurate text and possesses expertise in audio to text transcription, video to text transcription, and podcast to text transcription.

‘Financing for UK Growth’ programme goes live!

financing for UK growth
Today, 21st December 2015, saw the much-anticipated launch of the British Banking Association’s ‘Financing for UK Growth’ programme. Aimed at SMEs with a turnover of £50 million or less, the programme is expected to reach around 50,000 UK companies and will run for 6 months initially. SBL are flattered and delighted to be participating in this initiative, as one of only two advisory companies for Business Process Management Outsourcing Services.

The programme will provide UK SMEs with direct access to expert advice from companies that operate in specific business areas. This advice will help SMEs to evaluate the best practices required to support their growth plans and, in turn, represent these best practices in applications for finance from their banks. The expectation is that this consultative approach will increase the number of successful financing for growth applications to SMEs from the UK banking sector.

All qualifying SMEs will receive a hard copy of the programme brochure, along with access to the dedicated programme micro site. Furthermore, account managers within each bank will be promoting the programme to all their SME customers over the next six months.
To find out more about the programme scope, or to learn about our Business Process Management Outsourcing Services in general, please visit our ‘Financing for UK Growth’ web page:

Alternatively please contact Geoff Blissitt on
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The future of outsourcing will depend on increasing efficiency and adapting to new technologies as service buyers focus more on desired business outcomes rather than business processes. Even though costs play a major role, innovation, commitments and business outcomes will become more central to contracts, taking on greater importance and value.

While making sourcing decisions and selecting the right service provider, buyers weigh their reputational risk against the service provider’s ability to stay relevant, innovative and focused, in order to attract and retain the best employees.

It is important for Service Providers to demonstrate and apply world-class best practice each and every day. The best service providers do not limit themselves to incremental process improvements; rather they act as consultants always on the look-out for innovations which can drive forward value additions to the client’s business.

SBL comes of age in BPMS and IT /ITES, multiple discipline capabilities. Our ISO certified (Quality, Security and Staff development) delivery centres at 3 different locations reduce the data security risks and enables us to implement multiple delivery models to match the client expectations.

Over the past decade SBL has followed best practice methods and processes at all times. We habitually leverage technological advances for a wide range of services, which include: end to end financial accounting services; data collation, extraction, and analysis; digitization, transcription and preservation of multilingual data. This commitment to innovation ensures speed, accuracy and transparency in business processes while increasing our clients’ and partner’ ROI.

Visit: for more information on SBL BPM Services.

Moving Beyond the Back Office and Stepping into the Board Room

Finance and accounting was one of the first…

..processes that companies outsourced, and the practice continues to boom. As the market matures, companies are now moving from input-based transactional services to contracting for outcomes where a BPM provider takes responsibility for their clients’ business results. Organizations are now focusing on going beyond a cost-savings mechanism, to achieving greater flexibility to scale and support their global operations.

F&A outsourcing, when done well, can provide your organization significant cost savings while delivering measurable value, process improvement and innovation.

With increasingly complex economic conditions and evolving technology, outsourcing F&A functions allow organizations to remain agile, act more strategically and make decisions that support the company as a whole, versus a sole business function.

This is about branching out of the back-office and stepping into the board room to make a difference in your company’s top and bottom line.
SBL is a dependable and professional organization that has won accolades from our clients in the U.S., UK, India and Australia. Our end-to-end services will allow your company to have continuous improvement in the F&A operation, while the company itself can focus on its core competencies.

SBL Business Process Management Services

Integrity, trust, teamwork and highly experienced leadership are some key attributes you need and expect from a good Business Process Management outsourcing partner. But what do you think about accuracy, adaptability, responsiveness, consistency, innovation and accountability? These attributes transform a BPM partner from “good” to “excellent!” SBL’s customer-centricity is enshrined in our corporate vision and values. To know more about SBL’s decade-long industry presence and capabilities, we ask you to take a quick look at the following link to understand the core competencies and strengths of the organization.
Our unwavering focus on client relations and dedicated account management has resulted in a steady, long-standing engagement with very loyal clients. Our message is simple, but more importantly, our actions speak louder than words:”deliver or exceed what is expected, when it is expected.” Extending continuous process improvements is an integral value addition we offer through Six Sigma and Lean pratices to our clients businesses.
Our BPM division has grown into a multi-disciplinary ISO accredited operation which draws on global best practice standards essential to delivering service excellence to our clients in:
In order to deliver these services to the highest standards we operate on an international brick-and-mortar basis. We have several delivery centers in India that offers seamless DRP/BCP options at all times, further augmented by Account Management offices in the USA and UK. Our onshore presence helps clients and businesses to interface on a real time basis, thus cutting across time zones for any delivery related matter.

Save Time, Reduce Costs and Relieve the Burden in Financial Accounting & Reporting

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It’s no mystery…

…that business finances, accounting and reporting are the backbone of your organization. It’s also well-known that F&A management is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. Precision, speed and confidentiality are of the upmost importance, coupled with the need to adapt to a dynamic regulatory environment with oft-changing rules and strict compliance requirements.

Building and managing an in-house team often proves difficult and expensive. This is when the right BPM outsourcing partner needs to be brought into the mix. An efficient, cost-effective alternative can relieve the burden of extensive transactional recording and reporting with speed, accuracy and transparency.

The risk?

The area of risk lies in choosing the right partner. The transfer and delivery of tasks should be seamless, maximum security maintained and process management enhanced. SBL is an ISO accredited BPO specialist that has a proven track record of helping businesses do exactly this.

You will realize sustainable benefits with our 3 end-to-end F&A processes:

– Order to Cash (O2C): plug revenue leakages and improve overall efficiency of your sales cycle.
– Procure to Pay (P2P): gain control and visibility into the entire transaction life cycle and insight into the cash flow
– Record to Report (R2R): receive strategic and financial feedback on business performance for crucial decision making.

SBL is a dependable and professional organization that has won accolades from our clients in the U.S, UK, India and Australia.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce our suite of BPM solutions to you.

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SBL Online Team


Emerging business tycoons need an intelligent partner who can optimize their business & reduce cost & provide smart solutions, an overall intelligent approach to Online Services. Many are now constructing thriving business strategies on the foundation of efficient systems for managing inventory and online servicing models that address fundamental challenges such as disparate processes, lack of visibility into service costs, and installed base data. 

SBL offers a unique model for online services that focuses on maximizing service revenue and reducing service costs to make online services a profit center. Our service delivery model centralizes and standardizes processes to enable more effective local execution. We enable superior field service management as well as end-to-end support for contact center processes. Our approach drives higher efficiency and effectiveness in managing processes across the entire online servicing via the proper mix of people, processes, and technology. Our industry expertise is both deep and broad, and includes Genealogy, geo spatial, graphic designing & F&A. 

Our quality driven processes focus on customer-centric metrics, such as First Time Fix and First Call Resolution, to drive higher customer satisfaction, long-term loyalty, and increased revenue. Our Online service solution integrates multiple legacy and web-based technology systems to eliminate inefficiencies and provide fast access to information. This results in better end-to-end service revenue management, and cost effective service operations.  

We know from our 10 years of applying quality principles to drive business process optimization that better service comes from focusing on the entire service lifecycle rather than any single part of it. Our online Services solution, therefore, is enterprise-wide and drives down service costs at the same time that it increases operational efficiency at every stage of the service supply chain. It includes outcome-driven effectiveness projects, a focus on removing bottlenecks at the sub-process level or at functional interfaces, and deployment of selected technologies.


SBL online Services delivers 10% to 15% improvement in service profitability. Our solution leverages our proprietary, quality based methodology, which applies deep industry and market analytic to enhance end-to-end operations, and re-engineering of all processes to deliver key business outcomes such as:

  • Improved Service Revenue: up to 25% higher
  • Reduced Service Cost: up to 20% lower
  • Increased Customer Loyalty: 100% customer satisfaction

  • Our implementation/execution model encompasses:

  • Implementing the “right” KPIs and metrics through online services.
  • Identifying CTQ & CTP to ensure 100% accuracy.
  • Continuous improvement using time proven quality methods & technological implementation.

  • 3)Services

    Using our expertise  to optimize everything from service management, SBL online service has been instrumental in generating high revenue streams, reducing costs, and providing superior business outcomes for our clients.

    SBL manages one of the largest shipping companies, govt foreclosure projects, research & analytical works graphic designers, web designers & advertising agencies for their operations and has delivered over US$50 million in impact in the last 2 years.

    4)Case study

    Global shipper increases cash-flow by 10% & a reduction in invoice error posting by 30%.


    One of the world’s largest shipping company


    Global container shipper

    c)Business requirement

    Achieving higher revenue growth at better margins by ensuring accurate invoice posting & efficient follow up with end customers

    d)SBL solution

    SBL manages one of the largest shipping companies, govt foreclosure projects, research & analytical works graphic designers, web designers & advertising agencies for their operations and has delivered over US$50 million in impact in the last 2 years.

    e)Business impact

  • Increased cash-flow by 10% by reducing errors on invoices and ensuring he customers got first time accurate information & reduction of inquiries.
  • Reduced errors on invoices by 30% by automating input parameters & remotely updating the data base, contributing to the better cash-flow.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.