How CARA Can Transform VR On NUKE For The Better?

Virtual Reality has been making exceptional developments in the recent past and it has been making its presence felt stronger than ever. The impeccable characteristics of the same can be drawn back to the unmatched capabilities of various virtual reality post production services. This is made possible by the advent of exceptionally robust plug-ins such as CARA on platforms like NUKE.

Why CARA is the superior plug-in for NUKE?
CARA is packed with a range of attributes that other plug-ins for NUKE platform do not offer such as;

It effectively address camera rigging issues

  • CARA provides a range of refinement options with camera position, possible distortions, rotations and focal length adjustment etc.
  • It comes with a series of pre-sets which allow for correct application of camera rigs along with offering extended support for customized rigs.

It provides for streamlined stitching

  • CARA offers a high-tech Sticher powered by GPU acceleration.
  • It also comes with exceptional ability to stitch videos together without any room for distorted imagery.
  • It helps to effective remove the line arte-facts and ghost effects and thus it considerably improves the stitch quality.

Myriad of Color Correction Options

  • CARA is capable of impulsively sensing all disparities induced by camera and exposures in white light and balances them right.
  • CARA provides options for a range of subtleties in lighting during various virtual reality services.

Tracking Optimization

  • CARA brings several options to address various continuities and distortions that might come along the longitudinal or latitudinal imageries.
  • CARA comes with a robust stabilization tool.
  • With the help of the built-in camera tracker of CARA, you can optimize the stabilization details

Workflow Streamlining Opportunities

  • Spherical transform knob offered by CARA can be revved-up for various activities related to compositing that provides room for accessing and utilizing all the tools in NUKE platform.
  • Stereo lens and the slit scan-shader are given better support to control the pole-depth of footages in 360 degree video post production.

All of these value-adding features offered by CARA can drive better clarity, vividness, details and depth for all the imagery being rendered in the NUKE platform.

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