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About SBL

SBL is an IT and Business Process Management (BPM) organization that offers smart solutions to organizations across geographies and industry verticals and empowers them to respond quickly to the changing market dynamics. We offer a range of customized services and solutions in GIS, Technology, Multimedia and Business Process Management that allow our customers to reduce operational costs substantially while accelerating the growth of their businesses.

Security in IOT

IOT is definitely the grand future of technology. The fantasy of having your appliances and devices connected making them ‘smart’ has now become a reality. But at what cost? Imagine your appliances and devices, all constantly receiving and sending data and connected to the worldwide web. Doesn’t that also open them up to security infringements and hacks to anyone in the cyber world? Human faults and laxity can be misused by a skilled infiltrator to gain access to the networks and do as they please. We humans are usually careless and ignore the need for constant vigilance in the monitoring of networks. For a skilled infiltrator, it is quite easy to crack passwords, use network sniffers to analyze network traffic and even launch methods like man–in the middle (MITM) to attacks, Address resolution Protocol (ARP) manipulations etc. A weak module anywhere within the network can throw the network wide open for access for anyone from anywhere.

IOT poses a greater challenge than traditional networks as there are umpteen number of communication protocols and standards as well as varying device capabilities. The continued evolution of IOT will create increasing complexity of the networks as the security systems and standards need time to mature to cope with the expansion. At SBL, we are constantly improving our solutions to match the changing technology demands. The increased convenience provided by IOT should not blind us to the necessity of building capabilities in protecting our networks from hackers and attackers looking to infiltrate and access sensitive data.

Interface Designing For Branding

Interface design is a crucial aspect of delivering great user experience. But many companies overlook the importance of branding the interface. One company that does pay close attention to branding of the interface is Apple. If you are a fan of Apple products you know that there are certain distinctive visual elements and overall design aspects that remain common in many of its products. This goes a long way into reinforcing the key aspects of the brand such as quality, style and distinctiveness.

The branded interface tells your narrative in a subtle manner while creating amazing user experiences. What this does is to promote the brand awareness among customers and ties in well with the marketing strategy. The primary goal is not branding but to create great user experiences but you need to simultaneously weave in the brand awareness through the design. Branding takes effort -it means understanding the target market and their needs and wants. Once a thorough understanding has been gained you now have to identify what key aspects you want your brand to stand for and then create a persona. This work is best left to professionals, as going wrong here would doom your efforts even before you get started.

SBL offers interface branding and UI design solutions that deliver results. When it come to branding the key principle is to ‘do it right the first time’. When your brand and message is consistent and communicated through the interface design, carving out your niche in the market becomes an easier task.

Location-based virtual reality for immersive, multi-dimensional experiences

Location-based virtual reality has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors in VR, which is creating experiences that blur the line between virtual and reality. Location-based virtual entertainment canters are offering more immersive, higher-end experiences through motion simulators, specialized sensory inputs, and custom accessories.

Location-based VR is perhaps the most relevant technology in the VR world and is expected to replace, or at least alter, indoor entertainment areas like theme parks, paintball, and laser combat fields, mall entertainment areas, etc. Gamers are looking for more immersive and interactive experiences than their own VR setup at home.

Several Location-based VR technology companies have raised considerable investment rounds in the first quarter of 2017 and more investment is likely to come. According to the latest studies, global virtual reality revenues will reach $7.17 billion by the end of this year and expecting a steady growth total close to $75 billion by 2021.

Location-based virtual reality will deliver immersive, multi-dimensional experiences, including entertainment content and games to multiplexes, malls and other commercial destinations.

Location based virtual reality is often the figment of one’s imagination brought to virtual life. In the gaming and entertainment sector, location based virtual reality have taken over almost every other technology.

Today, more and more location based virtual reality applications and games are making their ways in the market. Promoting this gaming concept to a whole new level is the integration of the revolutionizing technology into mobile devices such as smartphones, iPad’s and tablets which consistently make use of existing navigational systems to operate.

Image Restoration and Retouching

Image restoration and retouching services offers high quality output of the images which are moth eaten or which were taken in the past. This service helps you in retaining the quality of the image, thereby enabling you to keep your memories alive. Most of the photos taken in the past must have lost the quality. Through this service one can retain the quality of these images and can make it look more beautiful.

SBL has an expert image editing team who work for wide range of clients from different industries all over the world. The team has successfully completed several projects under image restoration and retouching. The team has experts in adding color tones, modifying contrasts and also in adding new back ground to the old images to make them look fresh and lively. SBL’s professional photo restoration / retouching artists repair your photos creating a perfect make over and reconstruction of your pictures according to the requirements to give a new look and feel for the same. The image restoration experts at SBL also work on album designing and image enhancement to give a touch of class to your pictures.

Image restoration and retouching technique is widely used and accepted all over the world. The images that were taken long back were hard copies as the technology was not this much developed. So most of these pictures might have blurred color or the background might look unimpressive and all. To make these pictures lively and fresh image restoration and retouching service is used. This gained popularity within a short span of time as it helps people to keep their memories alive. Many individuals and even companies depend on expert service providers in this field to give a new look to the images.

There are several small and big firms concentrating on this service as it has got an increase in demand. While you choose a service provider make sure that they have handled several projects in the same so as to meet the requirement. SBL, since its inception has successfully done several projects for wide range of clients from in and across India. An expert artist with keen knowledge about the technology can successfully complete the project within the given span of time. The service is also less expensive and the effect will last for years. The service helps you to keep your much loved moment pictures freshly with you for years and years.

Mine Management System A Spatial Approach

A vast pile of data will be created during mining activity from pre-exploration stage to closure and environmental impact assessment stage of the mining activity. Spatial data play a major role when compared to non-spatial data and documentation. So, a comprehensive mine management system is a necessary pre-requisite in this modern era of mining. Lease area boundary, various image data acquired during the mining activity in the form of raster data set and vector layers created out of those raster data set form part of the mining spatial data base.

This comprehensive management system helps different people in different ways. For a transport manager, it is all about gradient of the haul roads and hence fuel efficiency estimator. For a geologist, it is a data pool for lithological and structural data sets. For a mine engineer, this system is a project monitoring system which gives present status of mining. An environmentalist sees this system as a back-end information having temporal data sets for the environmental impact assessment.

What mine management system constitute is a web based application where all mine related spatial and linked non-spatial data sets are available. This will enable decision makers to view all related information to arrive at various decision making. Based on the requirement these spatial and allied non-spatial data can be on and off to do various analysis. There will be navigation tools in the portal to navigate the data sets and to do queries both spatial and well as text based. Hierarchical log in will facilitate the administrator to allow editing and other need based solutions. Complete data set in a single platform will enable managers to have information based decision in quick turnaround time.

Bridging the Gap between Traditional and Innovative approach to training in the digital world

One thing remains a constant in this ever changing, fast paced world – it is the need to upskill, crossskill and reinvent oneself to remain competitive and relevant. Organizations are investing on providing training solutions to their employees starting from: the basic Personality Development programs to all the way up to cutting edge technical courses and sales and marketing learning modules.

But how are these programs delivered in the current corporate world? Instructor Led Training programs or Classroom based sessions are a thing of the past. Technology enabled learning that provides an immersive and inclusive learning experience to employees is the game changer in the present day training scenario.

The employee on the go is able to attend a training program simply with his/her handheld, and a series of quizzes, simulations, games, tests, webcasts, podcasts ensure that the learning program is rich and assure knowledge retention.

While the basic training content is the same, the innovation lies in the delivery of the training content. With several useful digital communication and collaboration tools, an innovative style of delivery becomes a natural extension to training.

E-learning programs are cost effective as there are no infrastructure overheads and it can be delivered quickly allowing the employees the flexibility to access it from anywhere and refer to the content later as well. Additionally, it allows them to learn at their own pace without having to depend on instructors.

Professionally competent employees boost productivity and stay motivated and loyal to the organization, therefore there is reduced employee turnover.

Good-Looking Product Images: Better Business and Brand Equity

Sitting in the comfort of your home, but shopping for dozens of things online is today’s trend of young and old alike. Ecommerce retailers are making the most of this shopping drift, and luring consumers online with big and bold pictures.

However, most E-commerce retailers are invariably challenged in ensuring they get high quality, neatly cropped, and digitally enhanced images to upload. E-Commerce retailers should perform a reality check to view the images from a customer mind-set and be aware of the exact quality of the image.

Poor quality images directly impact the buying decision of the consumer and the brand image of the business. Poor picture clarity confuses the buyer and their decision making suffers. Secondly, the image of your organization takes a severe beating and consumers get put off.

Coming to the rescue of such E-commerce sites grappling with this issue is photo image editing. Photo image editing tackles few key aspects such as size, zoom, background, shadow, alignment, angle, colour and accessories thus making the image top notch.

Big images with a zoom in functionality allow the buyer to understand the product better and shadows gives the requisite depth almost imparting the feeling of nearness. Colour and background are extremely crucial and the image should reflect the actual colour of the product and must be set in a clear background.

If E-commerce retailers pay attention to image editing then sales conversions and brand image is sure to increase manifold.

Historical Document Conversion: The Digital Way

The process of classifying and indexing present day documents is fairly easy. However, storing historical documents such as birth/death records, parish details and marriage records in different and in old fashioned writing styles can be complex and challenging. Often these archived records are handwritten, writing style incomprehensible, lacks clarity and they do not fit into any standard templates.

But it is important to extract, index, and digitize these records to unlock the information trapped within these manuscripts. Cleaning and breaking down the information hidden in the dog eared paper based files and making them available for larger consumption is crucial.

With the advent of smart digital technologies in document preservation and storage, organization leverage data transcription solutions such as digitization, scanning, indexing, preservation and automation of the required information often in multi languages.

Organizations are turning to trusted scanning services to convert many of their ancient documents into digital formats that are easy to store and retrieve quickly. Also digitizing these key records enables them to be accessed from anywhere and indexing affords easy search facility. And the flexibility that comes with scanning permits for the entire book/photo/manuscript to be captured without any size limitations. Imaging allows capturing the paper based records into graphical images which can be indexed and searched as well.

SBL has ten years of experience in transcribing historical hand written documents into electronic formats. It has successfully digitized billions of age-old records dating back to 1700 AD with unerring accuracy and quality. 

Photo Masking and Manipulation

Photo masking is one among the common and basic image processing services. This method is used to change the blurred background of the images. This very popular technique helps the experts to edit the image but detaching the object from the rest of the picture. This is commonly used to add more effect to the photo. It sounds quiet easy to mask a photo, but to do the work effectively expert and creative mind should work behind it. This is also a time consuming task as it needs a detailed and careful study of the picture.

Photo manipulation is often used to add fantasy or deception in a photo. The manipulation of photographs is done using digital and analog method. Photo manipulation mainly serves to enhance the quality of an ordinary photograph. Through this technique one can add more effects to a photo to make it look better. This has now become a common technique used by many people to improve the quality of photographs taken. Through this technique we can even make a black and white photograph to a colorful one.

There are experts with creative mind working to serve the purpose of photo manipulation and masking. The service providers of this field share their thoughts with your comments to make the images look more real and interesting. Main services included in photo manipulation service are adding or removing objects, contrast and brightness adjustment, removal of rough edges and also cropping and color schemes. Adding on more to this, there are service providers who work with your thoughts to make your imaginative photo come true. More artistic effects and graphic elements can also be added to the photo to make it unique and impressive.

Photo masking service is done by well trained and dedicated graphic designers as it requires more time and dedication. Photos with blur edge, flying hair etc are made perfect using image masking service. This service thus helps the photo look better. Even though this service is time consuming, there are service providers with dedicated team of graphic designers working 24/7 to do this task within short span of time.

These two services have become very common in this era and have gained popularity. Photo masking and manipulation are the services from multimedia department and hence creative heads work behind this task. These services thus help an individual to make their photo look better. This is also used by business groups to add effects and also to make changes in the images.

Drone based stockpile management for mines

Managing stockpile inventory is one of the biggest challenges in the mining industry. The key to a well-administered mining company is to have an objective analysis of the ongoing process. The traditional ground survey technology though found to be very precise, is time-consuming and expensive. UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) photogrammetry, alternatively, provides an efficacious technique for mapping and aerial volumetric calculation of stockpiles.

Before the drones were introduced, measuring stockpile volume was a labor-intensive job. The surveyors had to physically climb on the stockpiles with GPS equipment to do so. The derived estimation could be erroneous as they manually take multiple data points and map the stockpile’s size to calculate the volume. Contrary to this traditional method, UAV eliminates human effort needs and accelerates operational efficiency.

The Wi-Fi enabled drone flies over the stockpile area, outlined by the surveyor, and seizes the high-resolution data on its system. The data is then transformed into a 3D model and sent to the manufacturer’s cloud system. This combination of aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry is a low-cost alternative compared to manned aircraft, as it reduces both, man-hours and resource consumption. Also, unlike the traditional method, it doesn’t demand for a tripod setup or vehicles with bulky equipment, further reducing the expenditure.

Drones can construct an accurate terrain model of an open mine and the obtained highly précised geospatial data helps the company take better decision. Since drones can be deployed frequently, it cost-effectively monitors stockpiles. It keeps a regular check on how much material has been removed from the stockpile, as removing them after a certain period of time is necessary. This reduces the surveyor’s efforts of manually doing so.

The mining sector is now inclining towards drones for mapping and monitoring stockpiles as it comes with added benefits of safety, lower cost, reduced labor and faster processing.