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Minimize Risk and Maximize Resources through Staff Augmentation

The success and growth of an organization fully depends on quality and timely delivery that matches the client specifications. However, not always do organizations have the necessary skilled resources to cater to client needs. And to hire and train specifically for such client requirements proves to be an expensive and uncertain option. This is when organizations turn to staff augmentation companies which prove to be a flexible and dependable solution to ramp up and down the resources based on project needs.

Some of the tangible benefits organizations experience through the staff augmentation services is: It allows them to monitor resources and track progress of a project regularly and it is also much easier to align resources to existing business processes. Importantly, two key aspects of the IT staff augmentation services is that the ready availability to skilled resources in niche technologies, and the doing away with the cost involved in skill development of existing resources.

These employees are unbiased and task centric, and the employer has the option of cancelling the contract as soon as the client deliverables are met with. Also, the employer is worry free, as no longer do they need to be recruiting employees and providing training for them in client specific technologies.

Staffing solutions are ideally suited for both short and long term and on and off site projects. SBL offers proven staff augmentation solutions that address all areas of a project development lifecycle. We reduce the cost by 50% and hiring time by 30%

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Application of Virtual Reality (VR) in Daily Life

VR is revolutionizing several fields and impacting our lives in many ways. Healthcare, real estate, education, entertainment, tourism, sports, manufacturing, retail and military are all witnessing its effects. Some of VR’s influence listed below:

  • Entertainment: Movie buffs can now get an immersive experience with the help of VR and special apps. In fact they can get the feel of being inside the movie itself with imagery and sound effects surrounding them.
  • Tourism: An interesting dimension to VR is that people’s travel bug is satiated pretty easily, with VR transporting them to exotic locations in a matter of minutes.
  • Healthcare: VR has been a tremendous help in the field of medicine as it provides images, simulations and models to diagnose diseases and aid the treatment.
  • Automotive: Car conglomerates have made VR central to several of their functions, and now employees can wear VR headset and inspect a car in the making from all sides.
  • Shopping: Shoppers can now upgrade their online shopping with a real time experience along with friends. A headset and an app coming together to provide a 360 degree view of the store and product.
  • Law: VR comes to the rescue of enforcing law and catching culprits, as jurors can now view crime scenes in 3D and better understand what transpired at the scene of crime.  

The future holds numerous possibilities, as with a VR headset every industry is thinking up novel ways of providing immersive experiences to both customers and employees.

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